Wednesday, October 17, 2007

A big booooo to swift flight form

Ok, if you guys haven't noticed already, I am somewhat clueless to a lot of things in this game. What I know already, I know really well but what I don't know... well I don't know at all. (Huh?) But seriously, I hope you are using this blog as entertainment and amusement instead of some sort of source of knowledge. For example I posted yesterday thinking that resto druids were no good at arenas... to be corrected that they rock!

On to the subject of this post. So I've been pretty bummed out the last week since finding out that you have to do a bazillion quests to get swift flight form. Ok its not bazillion, but it's a lot and the last part requires doing Sethekk in Heroic mode, which requires revered rep with Lower City (its a never ending death spiral!!!). Ferocious Bite made a recent post on how to do the last part of the quest on his blog.

I, in my glorious cluelessness thought I just needed to fork over 5,000g to get swift flight form. So I fished like a mad woman (motes of water, golden darter, furious crawdad FTW!)... only to find out money isn't enough. Total sad panda. The other night when we did the ring of blood quests, Jess and I made about 100g. Bleh... more money. I don't need more money, but swift flight!

I am probably a rarity in that I have more than enough money, just not the rep to finish the quest line. On a related note, let me rant for a bit about rep. This is my first character I've leveled to 70. So I had no clue that I should grind arrakoa feathers until honored with lower city before doing any of the quests for it. Same for cenarion expedition... turn in unidentified plant parts until you're honored before doing quests. /big big sigh Do others have to do a crazy questline to fly fast as well? Does anyone just need to hand over the money?

So I know I just need to /end rant and get over it and start working on the lower city rep. But in the mean time, I am going to go on a crazy spending spree and use my money to gear up. I did actually find two people on Drenden who can make those shiny purple leather pieces for me, I just have to wait until they have a primal nether available. I was having a hard time finding someone in game until Jess suggested I go to the Drenden profession forums (I swear for a warrior that Jess has a good amount of intellect!).

My question to you all is this... should I switch professions to be able to make the Primal Mooncloth Set (boo also to bop)? It's cloth but it seems like the best gear available for me given I'm not running instances every night. Or should I pick up leatherworking? Thoughts?


  1. I don't know if you've started the questline yet, but here is a very good walk through. The questline up to Anzu is very easy. I think I blew through it in 2-3 hours.

    Also, it gives quite a bit of Cenarian rep (around 1700)...too bad it's not Lower City. :( But, at least it will get you closer to Earthwarden.

  2. Get the daily quests. I know you have mentioned money is not an issue, but now that you have the 5000g you should be able to open up the netherwing dailies as well, and you always have the 2 in Skettis and 3 (eventually 4) in BEM too.

    The LW set, the windhawk armor is a decent resto / balance set. However, you will definitely benefit more from the primal mooncloth and the whitemend sets. If you want to go that route, remember you are going to be spending tons of gold on powerleveling tailoring. Look up on the web to see what is the most efficient way to powerlevel tailoring, and have an enchanter handy to DE the greens you craft along the way to make some gold. I intend to do that on my druid once she hits outlands, yes. I believe primal mooncloth and whitemend are close to T5 equivalent in terms of healing gear, and though you will be losing the armor wearing cloth, the sheer +healing you can get is not worth ignoring.

    Also, druids are the only class that fly differently. Everyone else has to buy a mount and be done with it, period. Think of it as the druid equivalent of the paladin charger or the warlock dreadsteed, if you are familiar with those.


  3. Thanks guys...

    Yeah Hsunda, I know... I guess we owe something for getting flight 2 levels before everyone else. Wish I could buy rep. lol! Come on, isn't money supposed to get you everything?

  4. Don't forget that you need to spend your 5000g to train your 300 point riding skill before you can start the flight form chain.

  5. Oh K, we are just going to have to bite the bullet and pug (gasp) a bit for rep.

  6. Grab mooncloth tailoring, for sure. It's SO much better than tier 4 and for raw healing on par with tier 5. It's pure love.