Wednesday, April 30, 2008

Character names and pronounciation

How you name your character is pretty interesting, wouldn't you say? Keredria was actually a WOW generated name. It came up as an option, and I really liked it. My other seldom played alts have names I created: Calexis, Kiarae, and Karolina (in honor of my alma mater Carolina). I do need to change Calexis to Kalexis. I kinda like the idea of all my characters having K names.

Now I believe Jess has said she's used lists of baby names or something like that to name her characters. Her alts include Aksana, Muriel, and Makawee. I think it was Atania that joked that Makawee (a native american name) translates to 'she who pees on a log'. LOL! I gave Makawee a hard time about that... until Wutan said I shouldn't talk because Calexis sounds like some allergy medication. Our new warlock friend Buns has such a cute name that goes so well with her cute little gnome self and her hairstyle of two green buns. I think Daihiro still keeps chuckling whenever he sees Buns come on or say anything. Heh heh... Buns.

I was thinking about names and pronounciation because the other night in Kara, Jess called out my entire name when we were deciding how the groups were going to be created. First of all, I find it very odd when anyone calls me Keredria vs just K. Sort of like a child who has gotten in trouble and the parent uses their first and middle name. Secondly, I laughed because the way I envisioned 'Keredria' being pronounced in my head is totally different from the way Jess pronounced it. In my head 'Keredria' is pronounced with an emphasis on the K and long e-s. Jess pronounced it with more of an emphasis on the R and short e-s. I told everyone else how I thought my own character name was pronounced to which Jess replied, "Well you're wrong"! Hmmm.


Tuesday, April 29, 2008

Where have I been?

I've been right here, where have you been? Ha ha. No, but seriously, last week was a down week for me and the guild... I was busy with work plus we took a week off from raiding seriously. In that week we had some good things happen... some people respecced, got some enchants and some gems.

But we also had some bad things happen. We've lost our second healer. Our friend Suzzy will no longer be able to raid Kara with us regularly. The time difference (understandably so) just has gotten too much for her. So Drenden is a EST server, but we have a couple people on the west coast, one I think in Mountain time, me and a couple others in CST, then a couple on the east coast. The ones who have been on the east coast have been crazy night owls who don't mind going really late. This time zone difference really sucks. I need to stop qqing about it. As our feral druid Adamas says to anyone who qqs too much, "QQ more, your tears are delicious"! He's a hungry bear. But anyways, this means we need another healer. Anyone want to or know of someone who may want to run with us? We're awesome, I swear! And so funny, we often crack ourselves up. Oh, and we're modest too! ;)

The other night we decided just to go for a quick badge run and see what we could do with the group makeup we had. We had Jess tanking and Adamas off tanking. I healed (duh... what else would I do?) and our pally Wut respecced healing for the night. Then we had 2 rogues, 2 mages, a hunter, and a warlock. Attumen was no problem (if it was I would have gouged my eyes out), but I was worried about Moroes. We have had an easy time with Moroes because we've had a priest shackle plus had Jess and Wut tank Moroes and Adamas tank two of the ads. Now we had no priest and only Jess and Adamas be tanky. It was a crazy fight with a couple of deaths and Adamas had to battle rez me and innervate me, but surprisingly we got him down on our first try. Now Maiden was another story. Without a priest's dispel magic and only me and Wut healing, it was really tough. I hate that bee-yotch.

Anyways, in case y'all are itching for some more WOW in your life, may I suggest some products for you:
For all of us
For Atania and Wut our rogue and pally:
For Jess
For your morning coffee
For the young and up and coming WOW players


Tuesday, April 22, 2008

What a tasty can of whoopass

Interesting article on what makes video games addictive on msnbc today. See here for the article. I think the most amusing part of the article is where it says "Hanging out and making friends is a powerful draw in online gaming. But so is opening a can of whoopass". Come on, I know you all play for the tasty can of whoopass!

The saddest part of the article may be where it says "What I see in the population that I’m working with around video games, many gamers are people who were bored and lonely, and this is an addiction which kind of gets its hooks into them". Hmmm ouch. I wonder what the line is between playing and being addicted. I wonder this because I have definitely been playing a lot more since we started Kara like a month ago. I've wondered lately if I need to take a baby step back and get back into some of the other things I used to do a lot more.

I do think it's just all about balance, which has never been the easiest thing for me. I tend to have an addictive or all or nothing personality. When I find something or someone I like, I totally obsess over it for a couple of months before being more reasonable with it or moving on to the next thing.

Do you ever worry about playing too much?


Sunday, April 20, 2008

At least we got each others backs

Well our first night in Kara this past week went fine... we downed the first 5 bosses. It was definitely a tanky night in that all of the usable drops went to Jess and Wut. Not a single drop for the healers or casters. And Maiden is still being difficult, keeping her healing drops from us. Grrr. Oh and we finally had something besides Oz for the opera event. We had Big Bad Wolf. It was pretty funny and cute I thought. I think we had 4 people die, but took him down on our first shot. I think Jess did say this was pretty common... that Big Bad Wolf can be a high attrition fight.

Second night we went straight for Shade, but I don't know... it may have just been an off night for us because before we even got there, we wiped a bit on trash. Sad pic of the carnage above. So if we have gotten past Curator already, gear wise should we be getting past Shade? Because we seem to have hit the wall with him. And the wall hurts... its hard... and all brick like. Well to be honest it was only our second night at him, but remember we've become used to taking down these bosses relatively easily... at least by the second night at one! Yes I know, we've become spoiled. Hmmm, I wonder if Im even allowed to call this hitting a wall. How many nights must you wipe on a boss before it is officially deemed a wall?

Well so far in Shade it seems we lose a ranged dps early in the fight or Suzzy and I die when the water elementals spawn. For one try, it ended up being just the two tanks and I left. We lasted a pretty decent amount of time, but its not like Jess and Wut do a lot of dps. Eventually I ran out of mana and we were done.

I think we're also trying to balance casual vs more serious raiding vs how we played the game before. I think we're trying to see exactly where more appropriate talent specs, enchants, and gems play into what we want or need to do. I think we're going through this phase where we're transitioning into a new game for us, different from the game we've been playing... and perhaps even defining for ourselves what this new phase should look like.

I do think we can do it, and if there is one thing we do well, is have each others backs. See below for a pic where Adamas and Jess died. I think it's sorta sweet... its kinda like Adamas wanted to save Jess and tried to shield Jess with his body. What a gentleman. They do make a super cute couple, with their matching white ponytails. All together now, 'Awww'!


Wednesday, April 16, 2008

What to buy, what to buy?

I had been wondering what I would save my badges of justice to buy. Well I found it the other day. The new vendor up on Isle of Quel'Danas sells [Shroud of Nature's Harmony] for 100 badges. 100 badges, that's a lotta badges! I need 70 more. But look at that +46 spirit! Ooh... shiny.


Monday, April 14, 2008

An update, a theory, my noobness, and a question

First the update. Us leather wearers in our Kara group had been a bit annoyed by the fact the no leather has dropped the first two weeks in our Kara runs. I told Atania, that when it rains, it'll pour... and pour it did as we had 3 leather drops the other night. Atania got [Gloves of Dexterous Manipulation] off of Attumen, Adamas got [Edgewalker Longboots] off Moroes, and I got [Earthsoul Leggings] off Opera (we had the Oz event yet again). Ok so I have upgraded leggings, but honestly... I hate how they look. I really really miss how my kilt looked. /sigh. And Maiden, that silly silly woman didn't drop [Mitts of the Treemender] or [Shard of the Virtuous]. When will she learn that there is no point keeping these drops from me?

We went back last night for Curator, who was one shot again, after which I had to yell at his robotic corpse, 'Curator you are on farm'! He dropped the T4 gloves token [Gloves of the Fallen Defender]. So Adamas, Jess, and I rolled and Jess won. So Jess is a happy tank with T4 gloves now, well as happy as a tank can be... you know, with all that rage they carry around. We then did like 3 or 4 attempts on Shade before we called it because it was late and people had to go. Best attempt got him down to just under 50% I think, and that was with only 6 people for most of the fight. And yes, the two other wipes were due to people moving during flame wreath. It seems like it'll be an easy fight once everyone learns what's going on. Interestingly enough, I was not as frustrated as I was after our Maiden wipes.

Now the theory. I have been herbing a lot lately to gather up all the pretty Fel Lotuses. My theory is this. I think you have a greater chance to pick a Fel Lotus if you are herbing in a very isolated area. I wonder if the longer a plant goes unpicked, the greater the chance it will contain one? The last two days I have gotten a Fel Lotus each time I flew to Eco-Dome Sutheron (the dome north of Stormspire) up in Netherstorm. I never see a single soul in this dome, plus the herbs here seem to have a high chance of containing Nether Residue. Again, I wonder if it's because no one is around to herb these plants.

Next, my noobishness. I may know fishing and I may know healing, but there are still things about the overall game I am clueless about. I did not realize until yesterday that there were such things as orange, green, and purple gems. When I got socketed gear, I would look up the blue gems or yellow gems or red gems. All this time I have been missing out on three classes of gems!!! Major sigh. I had to do some major research and switched out a lot of my gems (less +healing more spirit or MP5) yesterday. I can't believe I've been going this whole time clueless about this. I am a noob!

Finally, a question. So our guild is a small casual guild. We never really have more than 8 or 9 people online, and that's when we're running Kara. I was thinking the other day how we have sped through Kara, finishing half of it in the first two weeks. We're a casual guild, but seemingly progressing at a hardcore pace. So my question is this... is there such a thing as casual raiding?


Friday, April 11, 2008

Why you have to do these three dailies

This post is now somewhat out of date with patch changes. Updated post here.

If there is one thing I do well in this game, oh yeah besides heal and yes, fish, is making money. It's actually sort of become another game for me, how high can my gold total go? I've started to wonder what I could do with it... could I become a wow loan shark? Could I start being some crazy philanthropist and give it away to random people? Could I see what people would actually do for wow gold? Actually I will probably save it for a rainy day, that rainy day being when I can't play that much anymore and won't be making as much money.

Now I don't think making money in the game is just a matter of putting in a lot of time. It's about getting a good return on your investment whether that investment is time or money (here's my MBA talking). It's about knowing what to farm that takes the least amount of time but at the same time brings in the most amount of money. It's about looking at what the current trends are on the AH and using them to your advantage.

So not everyone is a herbalist, alchemist, and fisherman (the three professions I use together to make my gold... and yes alchemy and fishing go well together). But there are three new daily quests that everyone should be doing every day (hence the word daily...) because they are easy, quick, and have a great return on investment. Now these are the only 3 that I do besides the fishing daily and Gaining the Advantage (gather 8 Nether Residue), which not everyone can do (because not everyone has a gathering profession or has leveled up fishing) or wants to do (because fishing is too boring for them). But these three quests will take you 30-45 minutes and will easily net you 40-50g. The reason I really only do these three dailies is because they are easy, drop other stuff that sell well, and reward you with Shattered Sun Supplies. Here's exactly what I do and the order I do them.

1. Gather the quests. Intercepting the Mana Cells from Exarch Nasuun in the middle of Shatt, Sunfury Attack Plans from Lord Torvos (to the left of the flight master in Shatt), and Multiphase Survey from Harbinger Haronem (outside of the Scryer bank in Shatt).

2. Fly to Area 52 in Netherstorm. We're going to do Sunfury Attack Plans first. From Area 52 fly west to Manaforge B'Naar. I go here because it's close to Area 52. Any of the sunfury mobs will drop the attack plans, though I usually go for the Sunfury Geologists (who crack me up when they throw a rock at you), Warp-Masters, and Bloodwarders. Now while you are grinding these mobs to drop the attack plans, they will drop a lot of Netherweave Cloth, some Sunfury Signets and the occasional Arcane Tome. So while you're doing this quest, you can work on your scryer rep or gather stuff to sell on the AH. Just watch out for a wandering elite in this area... a large yellow robot guy.

3. Next from Area 52 fly to Evergrove in Blades Edge. Then fly north to Bash'ir Landing. What I do is fly down to the little rocks/barriers between the mobs. Then I can easily pull whatever mobs I need. First you will need a Bash'ir Phasing Device. I really only go for the mobs that are named Bash'ir something. So the Bash'ir Raiders, Arcanists, and Spell-Thiefs. I just fly from little rock to rock until the Phasing Device drops. Then when you activate it, you will see these little pink boxes around. Those are the mana cells you need to collect. I find its easiest to fly around to collect them. The boxes will be protected by Phase Wyrms. You can fly to a mana cell that isn't protected, but here's why it's not so bad if they are. These Phase Wyrms have a really great drop rate of motes of mana. Again, while you're doing this daily quest, you are going to farm something else that you can use or sell on the AH.

4. Now from Evergrove you're going to fly to Telaar in Nagrand. Fly west towards Oshu'gun until the top corner map of your screen says you are in the Spirit Fields. Now put on the Multiphase Spectrographic Goggles you were given by the quest giver. I've found that if you put on these goggles before you arrive in the spirit fields, sometimes you won't see the firey things you need. So wait until you get there. Once you have it on, also put the goggles on your action bar. Now you just fly around looking for these little balls of fire. Then swoop down and click on your goggles. Sometimes there are a lot of people doing this, because its such an easy quest. People can rush each other to reach these firey things. I've found that there are a good number on the northern end of the spirit fields/oshu'gun area (sort of south of Aeris Landing) that a lot of people miss.

5. Fly or port back to Shatt and turn in these quests. Now just turning in these 3 quests is going to give you 30 gold 30 silver. But you now also get 3 Shattered Sun Supplies. They will have either a crappy green, decent green, or Badge of Justice. I've gotten 6 or so badges from these supply packs. Now even if you don't get a badge, you are going to get a green that you can sell on the AH, sell back to a vendor, or get disenchanted to then sell or use those mats (many thanks to my busy disenchanter, Jess' alt Muriel). Now don't forget that you will probably have Sunfury Signets, Arcane Tome, or Motes of Mana as well! This is why doing just these 3 quests alone can make you 40-50g. For the time and effort involved, I would say thats a mighty fine investment.


Thursday, April 10, 2008

Raiding snacks and drinks

Today I'd like to discuss a very important topic, one that is essential to successful gaming, as well as near and dear to my heart. Yes, that would be food... or snacking. I don't know if this makes us odd or not (probably yes?), but our guild often discusses what we're eating or drinking. It's always pretty interesting. Atania loves her Trader Joe's gingersnaps, I think Nio mentioned one time he likes pickled herring and beer, and Jess often brings out the cheap scotch. Now is being a tank really that stressful Jess? Even when Suzzy and I are healing you? So what exactly is K snacking on while raiding? Here's my top 5.

5. Diet coke with lime: Now usually I don't drink much soda, and I don't like to drink much diet soda, because I'm convinced that too much of the stuff that makes it diet may make you thinner but will give you cancer (bad tradeoff). But this is someting I treat myself to once in a while, and works well when I'm tired and need a little caffeine pick me up. What I love is the lime! I wish they'd make regular coke with lime, but you never see it. I guess I could just buy regular coke, then buy limes... hmmm.... light bulb turning on...

4. Dark chocolate: Simple, but truly a classic. Doesn't matter what brand, but the darker the chocolate, the happier I am. Plus dark chocolate is supposed to be good for your heart because of those flavonoids. Apparently you should be having 1.6 ounces of it daily. You see, it's all for my health I tell ya!

3. Tea: Sometimes when Im getting stressed out over wipes or nervous about something I find tea very calming. I like to go with different flavors of green tea or different fruity teas with honey. I'm telling you, you are not going to be at your best when your nerves are frazzled. The only drawback to this and #5 is that too much of either can have you constantly annoying your guildies with 'brb bio'.

2. Trader Joe's Baked Jalapeno Cheese Crunchies: Omg these are my new favorite things. It used to be Trader Joe's White Cheddar Corn Puffs, but these have taken over. Now I was a bit worried about the crunch factor... because they are incredibly crunchy. Would I be blasting my guildies' ears with my powerful crunching? Luckily, no. So I can continue to enjoy their delightful spicy cheesiness. Plus, they're baked, not fried... so they're good for you! (/sigh... the things I tell myself). Only drawback to these is that they are a bit messy. You have to watch out for the crumbs on the keyboard or the cheesiness on your fingers.

1. Mochi Ice cream: The overwhelming winner for me, as Atania and Jess well know, is mochi ice cream. I love the ones Trader Joe's (hmm is there a theme here in where I shop?) carries, especially their mango and chocolate flavors. What makes them the perfect raiding snack? Well let's say your group is taking a short break. Who has time to go get a bowl and scoop out ice cream? With mochi ice cream, you just pop one out and can come right back. Now you do still have to be careful of possible brain freeze and the powdered sugar on them can also be messy, but I'm telling you... mochi ice cream, they totally pwn me... I cannot stop.

So tell me, what is your favorite raiding snack?


Tuesday, April 8, 2008

We're getting spoiled... Curator down

Last night marked the end of the second week of running Kara. Now it took some time for all of us to get ourselves together in the beginning. While we were waiting for everyone, I decided to do some fishing right outside Kara. Atania got tired of dueling D and decided she'd come watch the master in action. She had to tell D to stop jumping around so as to not scare the fish. What was I fishing for? [Crescent-Tail Skullfish] to cook into [Skullfish Soup]. The soup sells for a pretty penny (1.7 g each on Drenden) on the AH or our casters could always use them. In 10 minutes of fishing, I got 14 of them. I think the chances of getting them are higher the higher your fishing skill is. So use your +100 lures.

Now we headed into Curator the same way we went before... through the back door. We had some silly wipes on the trash but made it to Curator pretty quickly. Jess was trying to show me where to stand (ahem, which I knew very well...) and she aggroed him. So thus started the fight. We changed our strategy a bit from last time and had Adamas tank/corral the astral flares because last time they were coming too close to us softies and just running around all over the place. The three ranged dpsers Imdestiny, Vel, and Nio stood on the carpet right in front of him and Suzzy and I each took one corner of a pillar on either side of them. I think the ranged dpsers focused a lot of the flares because last time the rogues and Adamas took a bit of time to go from the flares back to Curator when he was evocating, wasting some valuable time. Now I did pass out Arcane protection potion, but I really don't know how much it did. Despite the unplanned start, we took him down on this first shot with only Suzzy dying, followed by a quick battle rez of her.

We then decided to just clear some more trash, which worked out well because we had two more epics drop off trash. We have had a good number of epics drop off trash... TWO [Boots of Elusion] for our tanks (they are going to start looking like twins as they both have these boots and the bracers from Attumen), [Truestrike Ring] for our lucky hunter Nio, and [Grasp of the Dead] for our fire mage Vel in case the fireyness gets too much for her and she wants to cool down a bit to spec frost one day. Now is this common to have a lot of epics drop off trash? In terms of loot, the only ones in our group who haven't taken any loot from Kara yet are Atania, Adamas, and myself. I told Atania that hopefully it'll come... that when it rains, it'll pour. She said she's waiting for a major storm then. :)

Now back to the title of this post. Second week into Kara, we've finished 5 bosses. I keep telling others that I am nervous for when we will hit the wall. We thought it'd be Maiden, then we get her. Then we thought it might be Curator, then we get him. As Atania said, I think as a group we play better than our gear may show. So looking at our group makeup or our gear, it may not look like we should be as far as we are... but it can all be explained by our new guild tagline, 'We pwn bc we iz leet'. Also up to this point, we've run with just two healers when most everyone told us as newbies we should start with three. Now, just how much longer can we go with only two healers?


Monday, April 7, 2008

The tree was happy... then sad... then happy again... Maiden and Opera down

Yes, the tree was first happy. We got Maiden down on our second night at her. It was very funny because we had been wiping again... but got her down with only 9 of us when our rogue D fell asleep. Having one less melee dps in with her not doing the chain damage thing must have made some diference. With the group makeup we had, this was definitely a lesson in people filling out different roles as necessary. When we finally got her down, Wut was focusing entirely on Jess, dispelling magic on Jess as well as healing her for when I would be repenting (I've actually been really good lately... no idea what Im repenting). Suzzy was then responsible for dispelling magic on everyone else and that allowed Imdestiny to focus on dps. Adamas was great because he'd dps, or battle rez, or backup heal, or innervate (I loves them druids and no I'm not biased...).

I think our hunter Nio has developed a bit of a crush on Maiden. She's a big girl, but I think Nio is man enough to handle her. Apparently Nio has invited Maiden to join our guild. She's thinking about it. In return for his crush, she dropped for him [Gloves of Quickening]. Now I wonder what Wut is doing in this pic? I think he's trying to see if Maiden is pulling a Britney Spears. Maiden was the first boss that had two drops I really really want. I will have to hope for [Mitts of the Treemender] and [Shard of the Virtuous] to drop next time.

Then the tree was sad because Carolina lost to Kansas in the final four over the weekend. The two teams I picked to meet in the finals, Carolina and UCLA both lost... badly. /sigh. Jess had asked me why I hadn't posted about us taking Maiden down. It was because I was too sad about this Carolina loss to post on this blog. I'm slowly getting over it... but still very very sad. Especially because I think we are better than we played Saturday night. Oh well, there's always next year.

Finally, the tree was happy again. We went last night to go for opera and were met by the Oz event. I actually thought that Oz would be the easiest for us... and it was true. We took them down on our first shot with no one dying! I was going to be a little worried if it was Romulo and Julianne. What do you guys think is the hardest opera event? Or does it depend on the group composition?

What's so fun about Kara now is knowing that whatever drops, it is going to be an upgrade for someone. Our mage Vel got [Ruby Slippers] which I think are so cute. We then tried Curator twice, but didn't get him down. We may try again tonight and I think we should be able to get him.

Oh so another reason the tree ended the weekend in a happy note. We had two members join our guild this weekend, Buns the warlock and Imdestiny our shadow priest who had been running Kara with us. Ranged dps FTW! Atania and I were reminiscing back to a couple of months ago when it was pretty much just Atania, Wut, Jess, and I regularly playing in our guild. Now we have enough people to fill out a group for Kara and two weeks into running Kara, we have four bosses down. My, my how far we've come!


Friday, April 4, 2008

Go Heels!!!

I believe I've previously mentioned that I grew up in Chapel Hill and stayed to do my undergrad at Carolina. The background color of this blog is in fact in honor of my alma mater. The next couple of days are big for all us Carolina fans, as we play Kansas tomorrow night and hopefully we will be playing in the national championship game on Monday night (I'm calling Carolina over UCLA 86-79). I am actually going to try to fly home on Sunday if we win tomorrow night so that I can be in Chapel Hill Monday night and part of the rowdy festivities on Franklin Street if we win.

Now a lot of you may have no interest in college basketball whatsoever. This is a wow blog... but look, there's a good tie in! There is a good reason why all resto druids (and all those who like being healed by resto druids) should be pulling for Carolina the next couple of days. What other school would tie the success of the university to a 300 year old tree? You see... I was always meant to play a resto druid! See here for more about the story of Carolina's Davie Poplar.


Tuesday, April 1, 2008

The economics of WOW and further proof of my geekiness

As if it wasn't readily apparent already, I present more evidence of my geekiness. One of my grad degrees is from the University of Chicago, a school that is known for economics. So I thought I'd put some of my economics concentration to good use and see what it can teach us about the WOW economy.

Now here's Econ 101... basic supply and demand. Demand always slopes down while supply always slopes up... now where the two curves meet is the equilibrium price and quantity.

Now here is my philosophy on selling Earthstorm diamonds, a major money maker for me. When there is a great supply of them (supply shifts from red to purple curve), price goes down so I save up all my diamonds for a better day. That better day would be when there is a low or no supply of them (supply shifts from red to pink curve). This means its price goes up and I am happy.

Now here is a theory as to what has been going on since patch 2.4 came out last week. With all these new dailies and the ability to do 25 a day now, I've seen prices for a lot of things on the AH go up. Now why could this be? Well perhaps since people have more money now, demand has increased (demand shifts from blue to green curve). Just having demand shift out means price goes up. But I have also noticed that there is a decrease in the number of sellers. Perhaps because they can make money with the easy dailies, they are not farming stuff to sell? Has supply shifted in (from red to yellow curve)? Basically it seems to me that there is less stuff on the AH and everything is more expensive.

I was mentioning this in the guild the other day seeing if others saw the same thing. I said I wondered if this was because of the patch changes. Our hunter Nio said that and because of rising gas prices. lol. He joked whether the Grand Poobah (whoever he is) needed to institute a price freeze in these difficult times. lol x 2.

Now a couple of months ago on Drenden, we had one player from the top raiding guild on the server try to use the principles of supply and demand to support his guild's raiding. He was buying all of the Primals and top end gems on the AH and relisting them at much higher prices. So he alone was controlling supply. While people bitched and moaned about it, and some said Blizzard should stop him, he was able to do it because demand didn't seem to change. People were buying at his high prices. Now doing something like this takes so much work, because he'd constantly have to buy out whoever listed those items he wanted to monopolize. So yes, he did get terribly rich, but eventually he couldn't keep up with all that work and stopped. Then his guild imploded and I think they all transfered servers.

But me, I am all for a free market. Otherwise I wouldn't have been able to buy the recipe for elixir of major mageblood for 5g the other day. This recipe is actually worth anywhere from 500-100g. This in economics is called information assymetry... basically one side, the buyer or seller has more information than the other. In this case, this seller was the uneducated one, aka the poor unfortunate one who doesn't use auctioneer. Free market enterprise FTW!.

So have you seen something similar on the AH on your server since patch 2.4? Any thoughts? I hope I didn't embarass my school with any econ mistakes...


It was bound to happen sooner or later, I just wish it was later

I knew that our current run of downing a new boss in Kara each new night we went would sadly eventually end. Well it happened last night. We took the same group we had Sunday night to try our hand at Maiden. We called it after probably 6 wipes or so with the best attempt with Maiden down to 50%. It was really really difficult with two healers, 3 rogues, and a kitty druid. Suzzy and Wut were busy trying to dispel the magic holy fire thing she does, but often lost people before they could get it up. With 3238-3762 dmg upfront and 1750 dmg every 2 seconds for 12 seconds... if it goes up on a clothie, poof, that clothie is dust. I don't know, we may have to bring in another healer and more ranged dps to get this done. Has anyone been successful at Maiden with so much melee dps?