Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Apparently I'm crazy enough

... to be farming Warsong Gulch. Yes my friends, I have officially lost my sanity. Though honestly I was very surprised during my farming last weekend, as I won a lot more than I lost, some of which became insane farm fests. What I learned is that there is a sub-culture of those of us crazy enough to be farming WSG, because I ran into the same people over and over again. And look!

ZOMG! The third cap for Ironman was pretty close. I had several Horde on me when two priests on my team came to save my ass. I was somewhere around the middle of the field when the first priest pulled me forward, then literally a second later I got pulled by the other priest to our tunnel entrance. Priests who know how to use their leap of faith ability well? Hawt. Damn hawt.

I also had the opportunity to run some BGs again Gnomer and his guildies, as well as PP. Topics of discussion during these BG runs? The differences in how we pronounce the word 'banana' and the impending summer for us US folks vs the impending winter for the Aussie folks. They were talking about how cold it was, though celsius temperatures mean nothing to me. I've gotten the time conversion between us down, but I think converting temperatures between C and F is going to be a lot harder.

In other news I been doing a little bit of old world questing to work on Loremaster. The quest rewards have been quite amusing. Two of my favorites from this past weekend?

Unidentified Cooking Utensil

Speaking of which, how come we don't see offhands when you're running around? I mean you can control click on it to "try it on" but when your toon is running around, you don't see the offhand that you see when you're logging in. Weird. If I could always see my offhand, I just my replace my ledger with this pan.

Green Whelp Shoulderguard

These shoulders crack me up because its singular. Just one. Only one shoulder can be protected. What happens to the other shoulder? I guess its the WoW version of those one shoulder tops and dresses girls wear. It amuses me.


Friday, May 25, 2012

I may or may not

Let's play the I may or may not game!

1. I may or may not have been on WoW the other night with a jar of nutella and a spoon next to me. If eating nutella out of the jar is wrong, I don't want to be right.

2. I may or may not have gone a little crazy in morganprather's Etsy store and I may or may not have ended up buying 3 necklaces and 2 pairs of earrings. But seriously, check them out... can you blame me?!?!

She has so many stunning pieces with leaf, tree, branch motifs. Just stunning. Go look.

3. I may or may not be planning a musical DS run in the spirit of our past musical runs.


Thursday, May 24, 2012

I just might be crazy enough

Look! I am finally exalted with AB.

It's funny that the image of this achieve is a guy screaming. Interestingly enough my statistics say it took 426 ABs (of which 205 were wins) to achieve this. I kind of thought it would have been more than that.

Anyways. So now what? Well, I am just one achieve away from getting Master of Arathi Basin as well as one achieve away from getting Master of Eye of the Storm. Its EOTS BG weekend this upcoming weekend... so you know where I'll be. Do you think I'll be spending a lot of time this weekend yelling at idiots going for the middle? (Is the sky blue?) Why yes! I believe I will!

Anyways, assuming I eventually get both of those, this means I have two options. Am I crazy and masochistic enough to go after Battlemaster or Justicar? Seriously the thought of doing enough Warsongs to go after either of those achieves pains me deeply.

Perhaps I need some advice from fellow bloggers, Gnomer who has Battlemaster and Pugnacious Priest who has Justicar. But can I really stay sane through that many Warsongs? Will I come out at the other end of this in a straitjacket muttering "Warsong... oh warsong..."? Possible. Very possible. Maybe I just start farming Warsong and see what happens?

In other news I was online when Chanti discovered Tyrande's Doll. I can't complain too much because I never ever do archaeology anymore... well scratch that. I can complain all I want! I looked up my completed artifacts to find that I have completed freakin' 140 common nightelf items with no doll. The bulk of this archaeologizing was done probably 3 months after Cata release. Since then I've been giving archaeology the big fat middle finger.

Perhaps what I could go back to doing is alternating archaeology with queuing up for Warsong Gulch. Or would that just be doubling my pain? But I do want to "finish" archaeology. Sigh.

If you need me I'll be in a corner consoling myself with the only doll I've got, a "gift" given to me by either Chanti or Lororia (I can't remember which... and they wonder why I have a thing against pallys).


Friday, May 18, 2012

Four words...

Arathi Basin Holiday Weekend!!!!

That is all.

Ok some more words: I may or may not be killing Horde in AB all weekend... Team Glitterkick!


Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Still here!

Oh my goodness, this might have been the longest I've gone without blogging outside of the 3 month break from the game right before Cata launched. Anyways, yes I am still around, though work has been pretty insane the last month. And remember I do most of my blogging at work? Well mid April to first week of May, I was on the road for three weeks straight. Ugh.

I've been back in Seattle for about 10 days now getting back into the routine of a normal person. I have another week or so here before I start another round of travel, though this time will be for four weeks. They've brought an analyst on to the project to help me out a little, so I'm hopeful things won't be as crazy. However I'm having a hard time telling him what to do (my guildies can stop snickering now). Delegating hard! Well delegating hard when it'd be faster to do it yourself.

Anyways, I have still been playing when I have time, especially on the weekends when Team Glitter Kick gets into high gear. That is the name that we have designated for our guild BG group. When we die we die into a poof of glitter. It's pretty awesome because we do pretty well, plus its always amusing to feed the BG trolls together. I'm not sure what Team Glitter Kick likes more, having a healer with them or being amused by me going off on the idiots in BGs.

So along with Team Glitter Kick I've been continuing my insane quest for pvp achievements. Two weekends ago I finished up Master of the Battle of Gilneas, and crazy enough the very last achieve I needed was Jugger Not. I think I finally got it on like the 108th win.

I also finished up Eye of the Storm Veteran. I can't even imagine how many times that required me to bitch at the 10 folks going for middle. I still need Perfection to finish out the Master of Eye of the Storm achieve, but am going to focus more on my march towards 100k honor kills as well as getting exalted in Arathi Basin.

In other news our guild is still raiding though summer schedules have started to get to the point that many weeks we only end up raiding one night a week. That leaves the other night to fool around or do old achievements. And no, even at 85 I still cannot jump onto Thaddius' platform in Naxx on my own. I guess I should have known this, I mean its not like your toon's legs get longer at 85 or something. Sigh. Fail.

So what's been going on in the blog world? I haven't kept up with my blog roll the past three weeks so I have no clue. Are a lot of folks going to be playing Diablo? I think like 75% of my guild will be playing it. I'm probably one of the few who aren't. Am I going to be missing out?