Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Still here!

Oh my goodness, this might have been the longest I've gone without blogging outside of the 3 month break from the game right before Cata launched. Anyways, yes I am still around, though work has been pretty insane the last month. And remember I do most of my blogging at work? Well mid April to first week of May, I was on the road for three weeks straight. Ugh.

I've been back in Seattle for about 10 days now getting back into the routine of a normal person. I have another week or so here before I start another round of travel, though this time will be for four weeks. They've brought an analyst on to the project to help me out a little, so I'm hopeful things won't be as crazy. However I'm having a hard time telling him what to do (my guildies can stop snickering now). Delegating hard! Well delegating hard when it'd be faster to do it yourself.

Anyways, I have still been playing when I have time, especially on the weekends when Team Glitter Kick gets into high gear. That is the name that we have designated for our guild BG group. When we die we die into a poof of glitter. It's pretty awesome because we do pretty well, plus its always amusing to feed the BG trolls together. I'm not sure what Team Glitter Kick likes more, having a healer with them or being amused by me going off on the idiots in BGs.

So along with Team Glitter Kick I've been continuing my insane quest for pvp achievements. Two weekends ago I finished up Master of the Battle of Gilneas, and crazy enough the very last achieve I needed was Jugger Not. I think I finally got it on like the 108th win.

I also finished up Eye of the Storm Veteran. I can't even imagine how many times that required me to bitch at the 10 folks going for middle. I still need Perfection to finish out the Master of Eye of the Storm achieve, but am going to focus more on my march towards 100k honor kills as well as getting exalted in Arathi Basin.

In other news our guild is still raiding though summer schedules have started to get to the point that many weeks we only end up raiding one night a week. That leaves the other night to fool around or do old achievements. And no, even at 85 I still cannot jump onto Thaddius' platform in Naxx on my own. I guess I should have known this, I mean its not like your toon's legs get longer at 85 or something. Sigh. Fail.

So what's been going on in the blog world? I haven't kept up with my blog roll the past three weeks so I have no clue. Are a lot of folks going to be playing Diablo? I think like 75% of my guild will be playing it. I'm probably one of the few who aren't. Am I going to be missing out?


  1. Thaddius . . . cat form, dash, win. Believe me, if I had to blow dash because I had to go BR someone, I never made it to the platform and just ended up standing above it, healing people from there.

  2. "However I'm having a hard time telling him what to do"

    That made my day!

  3. I can't make that jump either! Good to see you back. Re Diablo, I'd never played before and hadn't expected it to be as fun. But you aren't missing out too much if you never had plans to :) (and people in Diablo can still talk to you in WoW via RealID/battletags so hopefully it won't be too quiet for you)

  4. @Anachan: Ooh good idea. I'll have to try that next time.

    @Darcness: Im sure you weren't the only guildie snickering at that comment...

    @Aralossein: I'm glad I'm not the only one!