Thursday, July 31, 2008

Alternative healing in WOW?

I think its time that we think outside the box and beyond the typical "I send you green swirlies" type of healing. As alternative healing increases in popularity, how could it be applied in our little game? Ok ok, so some of them would work better than others.

1. Acupuncture:
Yeah... this may be hard to translate. I mean sending Jess in to tank something with a bunch of needles sticking out of her could be a bit dangerous. But how about the squishy casters? Could I just stick a needle behind Dest, Buns, and Vel's ears or something and have it do some minor healing over time or something?

2. Hypnosis and Meditation:
Ok, perhaps this method of healing also wouldn't work so well. Though it does remind me of those Dreamless Sleep Potions!

3. Prayer:
Its funny to me that some actually consider prayer to be a method of alternative healing. I guess we all do this in one way or another in WOW... but maybe if the group takes the time to stand in a circle, hold hands, and do an official prayer together before they start, everyone's healing received would increase a bit for the duration of the night?

4. Music Therapy:
I don't know too much about music therapy and how it is supposed to work. But how about if I bring like a harp with me to a raid (ok that's a bit big), so hmmm... a flute perhaps? And then I would start playing some diddy during the raid and it would increase people's health or their healing received or something. But wait, I'm actually supposed to be healing during a fight... so maybe I can't be playing an instrument. Could I just bring my iphone and some speakers maybes?

5. Aromatherapy:
Ok so the ones above may not work so well, but I think aromatherapy could maybe be applied in game. In aromatherapy lavender is supposed to be relaxing, basil can relieve headaches, and black pepper can help aches and pains. So how about if herbalists and/or alchemists could crush some mixture of herbs and release them in a raid for a healing effect to the group or raid? I guess I'm thinking of it sort of similar to the different kinds of drums leatherworkers get to beat on. We crush up a little Fel Lotus, release it as an oil, and everyone's healing received increases?


Tuesday, July 29, 2008

The healing guilt meter

Today I'd like to introduce to you my version of the healing guilt meter, a meter of what could be going on in your healer's head when you die. Now I think most healers start out on the very left side and move towards the middle of the scale. As you become an experienced healer, you probably fluctuate somewhere between the middle and the right of the scale. Hopefully you're not on the very right that often, though I have to admit that I've been there once or twice.

Now exactly where the healer lands on this scale is dependent on several factors: the other members in the group, the healer's mood and perhaps whether they a good day or not, whether its a full moon or not? Heh. Well here's to hoping your healer is in the middle of the scale!


Monday, July 28, 2008

Going from "We iz leet!" to "We iz sucketh!" to "We iz silly!"

We did our first real run of ZA this past weekend. I say its our first real run because the time we went like a month ago was missing some key members and we ended up having to pug two spots. This was our first real foray in there with our core group.

It was surprising how much easier the bear boss Nalorakk was in this group. Last time we wiped quite a bit on trash leading up to him. This time we just sailed right up to him and one shotted him. I think it was quite fitting that our first drop from ZA was a hunter piece for Niobar. Its probably some sort of loot karma given all the crap he's gotten from us lately. So now he is wearing two of Adamas' cousins heads mounted on his shoulders. Oh and it was such a nonchalant and obvious kinda kill that I totally forgot to take a screenshot! D'oh.

We then went towards the eagle guy Akil'zon. Now the trash leading up to it was sort of "fun"... where you have to keep pushing through to get the guy on the stairs to stop the waves of trash. We actually did really well, and a number of people mentioned how fun that was. Except the three healers... it was sort of stressful for us. Now I think we lost people during the first attempt on the boss with the storm thing... they weren't under it in enough time or something. For the next attempts we called out 5 sec before his cooldown on it expired and just had everyone run in.

We started toward the third guy, but it got late. I was asked to root the scout or try to hibernate the flying dragon thingie during this trash, which was different. All in all though we were very happy with our first foray in ZA. Anyways here we are with Akil'zon... except you can't even see the boss. I need to take some screenshot lessons...

The next day a group of us decide that hey, we iz leet, we did ZA so easily, let's do the heroic daily, which was Old Hillsbrad. How bad could it be? Um... hmmm. So we find out later that a group with no melee dps is a bit difficult in there. Yeah... we had issues with trash and eventually quit on the third boss because we just couldn't get past the third wave of those dragon thingies before the boss lands. We have such an easy time in ZA, then we can't do Heroic Durn? We iz sucketh.

The weekend then ended with a low key badge farm run through the first half of Kara because the other healers weren't able to return to ZA us last night. So yeah, this is where the weekend was about "We iz silly". Why? Well... Nio facepulled Maiden, but we downed her, even though Wut also died which meant no one could heal Jess through consecration. Throughout trash, Atania noted that Wut and Jess were playing some aggro patty cake game with each other, switching the MT role back and forth. We actually decided to pull the audience at Opera. I think Nio misdirected one of those mobs right before Curator onto Vel. We also decided CC is drastically overrated... shackles? traps? Pfffft. Its as if since the group was generally geared way past what we were doing, we were almost trying to see how much we could screw up and still do what we were supposed to do. It was pretty fun!


Friday, July 25, 2008

A further ode to Nio

Ok, I'm supposed to be working here, but I could not pass posting this little diddy about Nio from Vel. She just put it in as a comment on my post from the other day, but I just had to put it up as a post on its own for all to enjoy.

So I bring to you an ode to Nio from our mage Vel in the tune of Old McDonald.

There was a hunter with a pig by the name of Spud
He laid a trap but we all wiped; 'cause it was a dud
With a feign death here and a feign death there
Here a trap there a shot. Wait? another feign death?
This old hunter has a name; it's nee-o not nigh-o

There was a hunter with a cat by the name of Bar
Changed his spec and we are glad his DPS's on par
With Atania's stab and the mage's flame.
Here a trap there a shot; ugh... another feign death...
This old hunter has a name; it's nee-o not nigh-o

There is a hunter in Nagrand that sits upon a rock
He gets insulted all the time by healers, mage and 'lock
With a "haha" here and a "haha" there
Here we laugh; there he goes yep... another feign death...
This old hunter has a name; it's nee-o not nigh-o

There is a hunter in our raid who's always got to go
What he really does on his "potty breaks"; don't think I want to know
With a potty here and a potty there
Here a "wait" there a "sec"; seriously how much did you drink?
This old hunter has a name; it's nee-o not nigh-o

Our hunter is like Alice from the Brady Bunch
But if I get all mushy 'bout him I won't hold down my lunch
So I'll just say; that he's ok
Here we are; there we grow; Have you noticed?... he's kinda "slow"
This old hunter has a name; it's neeeee-o not nigh-oooo

Just epic Vel, just epic. And Nio, its all in love hon, its all in love.


Thursday, July 24, 2008

An alternative way to farm mageweave and runecloth

Now perhaps you are like me and have an alt that is leveling up tailoring. Most of the cloth seems generally easy to get or buy, except for mageweave and runecloth. They are ridiculously expensive on my server. Now I think most people know that a really great place to farm mageweave is the ogres in Tanaris.

Well, here's an alternative. And yes, of course it involves fishing. Fishing the coasts of Feralas and Tanaris will get you bolts of cloth. Here is what I got during a 2.5 hour fishing expedition. I fished the floating wreckage pools as well as the pools of fish.

* 8 green items
* 40 BOLTS (yes, bolts) of mageweave
* 18 BOLTS of runecloth
* 69 thick leather
* 20 rugged leather
* 42 stonescale eel
* 75 firefin snapper
* 42 oily blackmouth
* 12 superior healing potion
* 16 greater mana potion
* 14 rumsey rum blacklabel
* 34 stranglekelp

When K was leveling up, she spent so much time fishing these pools, that Jess had to seriously do an intervention to make me stop fishing and get back to leveling. But with hauls like above, can you blame me?


Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Does every guild have their Alice?

This is the blog post that my fellow guildies have been waiting a long long time for. So while I was not blogging for a bit last week, Nio told me to get back to blogging. Be careful what you wish for Mr. Hunter, be careful what you wish for. Because today I'd like to introduce the entire intraweb to our hunter, Niobar.

First I'd like to mention that we called Niobar, Nio (pronounced Nee-oh) for months and months (when did voice go live on WOW again?). Then a couple of weeks ago we were on vent, and Nio called himself Nio (pronounced Nigh-oh). We were like, what in the world? Ok so I've done a post before about others pronouncing your name differently from what you think it is. But here was Nio, not saying a single word for months and months! It was decided that unfortunately for him, the time to correct the pronounciation had come and gone. Thus, he is Nee-oh.

Now Nio serves several roles in our guild. He is our HR director, seemingly always bringing in great new folks who match our play style (casual but awesome!) and group chemistry. He is our feign death extraordinaire, as we joke that he has 10 buttons on his action bar tagged to feign death. He is the "master" to his pet Bar. Though I use the word master very loosely here, as we joke that we like Bar better than Nio. (heh) He is our master "sit on a rock and think deep thoughts guy", particularly in Nagrand. For a long time he was always in Nagrand's Elemental Plateau farming motes to craft some set. Even though he's done crafting his set, he's still often there... I guess a hunter's deep thinking is never done.

But I think just as important as all these above roles, he has somehow become the red-headed middle child... or the one that the entire guild jokes around with. It started with just our mage Vel. They seemed to have somewhat of a brother-sister type relationship, where they were constantly just cutting on each other. But as Nio has mentioned, the "Vel factor" has seemingly spread across the entire guild, as Nio is now also being ragged on by myself, Atania, Buns, Imdestiny, and Ashratum. Some of the conversations are just hilarious, but I do sometimes feel bad for Nio (emphasis on sometimes... see there is that Vel factor again!) even if other times he brings it on himself. I mean it is all in a joking matter, but given that Nio has some mad dps now we may have to be nicer to him sometimes.

So where did Alice come from? Well I think it was our friend Rapunzel who asked one day how our guild came together. I relayed how when I was but a young nightelf back in the day, I ended up doing a quest with Adamas. He was the first person in game I ever did a quest together with. Eventually he brought me into the guild, where I met Jess and Atania. Wutan started the game a bit after, and I think it was Atania who met Nio through some instance pug. So eventually Nio joined us, and introduced us to Vel and Dest, and also brought in Buns. Now after I relayed this story, Rap says "And that's how you became the Brady Bunch!"

So then we started joking around with who would be which character from the show. I mentioned that Adamas would be cousin Oliver, because Adamas isn't technically in the Left Claw (though his hunter Ricochet is). So Adamas is family, and the blood that runs through his big bear ass is definitely left claw blood, but he's still technically a cousin. Then I said Nio would definitely be Alice. Why? Because his dry and self-deprecating sense of humor are often met with "Oh Alice!" type responses. This is where I previously mentioned that he often brings it on himself.

So tell me, does your guild have your own Alice?


Monday, July 21, 2008

What happened to Jess and K?

Anyone wonder where Jess and K have been lately? Let's see if you can guess what happened:

1. After a very rowdy night in Lower City, Jess and K were arrested for disorderly conduct and are sitting in the slammer waiting for their guildies to bail them out.
2. Having gotten tired of all the violence, they decided to promote peace and are living off the land in Nagrand. They have set up a tent right next to Nesingwary's, and are enjoying their granola while wearing their new Birkenstocks.
3. They went off to a spa vacation. Jess was all beaten up and sore from the tanking and K was feeling very stiff.
4. They were abducted by aliens, aka "real life".

Well I guess the answer to this little quiz is #4. As for me, I was abducted by the real life of packing up and moving. Packing allows you to really see how much stuff you have. It makes you question whether you really need nearly fifty pairs of shoes (I wish this was hypothetical... but I'm embarassed to say its not) and your many many coursepaks/binders of school notes. I did pare down a good amount, but there were certain things I couldn't let go.

Its definitely the same for me in WOW. I know I have more stuff than I really need, but there are certain things I just can't get myself to vendor. I still have in my bank Hood of Primal Life, Gloves of the Living Touch, Ancient Scepter of Sue-Min, because they were my first epics. They remind of a time when I was super scared and nervous about Kara. So instead of letting these go, I went ahead and bought new bags, Haris Pilton's new bag and Mycah's new herbing bag. Because really, you don't want to be caught in last season's/patch's bags!


Saturday, July 12, 2008

Nightbane down

So in between packing for my move and making trips to IKEA (which brought back memories of lingonberries and herring from my trip to Stockholm last December), we decided to go for a progression week in Kara, which we haven't been able to do for a couple of weeks due to people's summer schedules. Prince was particularly fun this week as we have gotten really good at moving as a group to avoid bad infernal drops. We then went for Nightbane, which if I remember correctly, we'd previously tried only one full night.

I think what got us the first two tries were during the skellies/rain of bones/smoking blast. The softies and I were getting a whole lot of damage. He would target me and I just wasn't healing myself enough. Then I read that during smoking blast he targets those with the most threat, typically a healer. So the last try, as hard as it was, I had to try to just ignore other people's green bars, and kept overhealing myself and popped a yummy cookie that Buns made for us. I know I've been healing a long time now, and a dead healer does nobody any good, but its still hard for me to heal myself above others. Also during the last try, the softies moved a little further away from Wut and rain of bones.

Anyways, so we got him down on the third try, then I asked Ricochet to take his big bad axe and chop off Nightbane's left claw as a souvenir, because well... we are The Left Claw are we not?


Wednesday, July 9, 2008


Things have been and probably will be quiet for a bit on the blogging and WOW playing front. Things with work are and will be super busy from now until the end of the month. Add to that the fact that I haven't been home in 10 days, but am moving in exactly a week. Have I started packing? Oh of course not... that would make too much rational sense. So yeah, I'm a little stressed out. How stressed? Even more stressed than solo healing Shade. Heh.

Last weekend I spent an extended holiday weekend with family in good old Chapel Hill, NC. I tried to explain to my parents what WOW is and what blogs are. I don't think they exactly got it, but I do know that my mom has checked out this blog (Hi Mom! You are on the intraweb!). Of course she checks it out the day after I rant about Mr. "The Worst Druid Ever"... She probably thinks that I was taught better?

Finally, I really wish Kara would get a mailbox. Its not just for my convenience (since I use my mailbox quite a bit as a form of storage). I mean Kara is quite full of residents... how do they get all their mail? How does Maiden get all her love letters? How does Shade get his hate mail from Jess?


Sunday, July 6, 2008

K goes on a rambly rant

Ok folks this is a long and somewhat rambly/ranting post. Bear with me.

The other night I am just minding my own business standing in Ironforge when all of a sudden I feel scanned and violated and I get whispered by someone asking me what my +healing is. I’m like ok, whatever, and just answer. And he answers saying his main’s +healing is +1900 something. Turns out this was an alt of a toon that used to be in our guild a long long time ago. I won’t mention his name (because yes, I’m mean, but not that mean), so let’s just call this guy TWDE, “The Worst Druid Ever”… because he was by far the worst druid ever. TWDE was just absolutely clueless about how to play his own class and was just an overall asshat. He eventually left the guild because all he did was want to get run through places and get help, even complaining about the quality or frequency of the help that we did give him. Eventually ignoring his repeated requests made him leave. Hooray! (oops did I really say that? Um… yes I did.)

Back to this conversation. Now he is being his typical asshat self, saying he is so much better and in a raiding guild now and running Hyjal and whatnot. In the past I just let him go on and ignored him, but I just couldn’t hold back anymore. Yeah, K can be all nice and healy healy, but you piss me off and I will hit you harder than Atania’s backstab (and that’s pretty damn hard). Trust me, I may have no attack power, but the crit % of my words? 100% baby.

So I went off on him pretty hard. I told him that I really couldn’t care less because he was the worst druid we had ever seen and that we definitely don’t miss his attitude of always wanting things done for him... and that he is probably getting run through in this current guild. I told him that I had no respect for his skill or his attitude and that I am happier not running Hyjal if I would have to run with his sort. While we are having this conversation Jess looks him up on armory and what? His +healing is +1353? What, he is still carrying around the Essence Focuser? Ok so he is not only an ignorant asshat, but an ignorant asshat liar. /laugh hysterically

It was sort of ironic and interesting that this conversation with TWDE came to be right after a guild conversation we had. We got together to talk about where we were raiding wise and where we want to go. We’re pretty much done with Kara, so that leaves us ZA or starting to try the 25 man content. Our HR director/feign death extraordinaire/sit on a rock hunter Nio had a couple of 70s who wanted to join us.

So Jess wanted to discuss what we wanted to do next. I think the overall consensus was that we would like to see a 25 man or two, but we will not recruit for the sake of getting 25 people. We’ll continue with ZA, bringing in people who we genuinely enjoy running with and hopefully we’ll have enough people in the guild and in friend’s guilds to run a 25 man once in a while. But will we be running 25 mans 3 times a week? Right now, I don’t think so.

I have issues with people in so called big raiding guilds who think that they are better because they are running these end game 25 man raids. Could our toons find spots in these guilds? I am actually sure that we could, as a number of us have been recruited. As we progress within the guild, I hope that we can grow in a way that makes sense for us, because our worst nightmare would be to have enough people to run a 25 man but have a couple of those be carried through or be total jerks. I think we would rather not run a 25 man than endure that kind of scenario. We just have a low tolerance for asshats and unfortunately we don’t have anyone who can cure or dispel asshat-ism. Now I’m definitely not saying that every large raiding guild has these kind of folks, I know that is not true. Its just that I know of some that do.

It disturbs me when these jerks in big raiding guilds think that we are not as good. I would bet that we are just as good or even better than some of those in the big raiding guilds. We’re just a smaller guild. Smaller guilds does not equate to less skill… okay? If we were boxers, we’d be the featherweight of lightweight champions of the world… small, but pound for pound, we'll knock you out! If we were animals, we’d be those crazy ants that can carry 500 times their body weight. If we were… ok… enough with the analogies, you got my point.

I also have a problem with people who think that stats tell the entire story. So TWDE “said” his +healing is 1900 something. Does that make him a better healer than me? I would bet my ass that it doesn’t… well especially not him. Playing at this level is so much more than the numbers. Yes, the +healing numbers are the deck you are given…but its just the base. How well you play your cards means just as much, or even more. Do you know how to time your use of pots, trinkets, and innervate so as to make best use of your mana? Even +3000 healing means nothing if you are out of mana. Do you know how to work with the other healer? Do you know how to stay alive?

As a group we may be less geared than lets say another group of 10 folks, but the fact that we have run together so much gives us an advantage. Its almost like together, we are more than the sum of our parts. Its sort of hard to explain but its almost like some things are just unspoken now. We know what the others will do, where they will be, and how they'll react. We have a healer and tank often thinking and saying the exact same thing, a rogue that knows exactly how the tank and offtank roll, a hunter and mage who are always looking out for their healer ready to lay a trap or freezy thing to help protect her, and CC that is ready to back each other up if theirs break.

I also believe that we communicate well, but ultimately don’t get too upset or crazy if things don’t go well. We definitely know how to laugh at ourselves and this game. I believe that the biggest asset that our guild has is our people and the relationships between them. Here’s to hoping this continues as we grow. And to you, Mr. “The Worst Druid Ever”? Kiss my wooden ass.



Ever have one of these kind of nights? Well we had one the other night in Kara. We weren't going for a progression night as we got started late and just wanted to clear a couple of the early bosses. It must have been a full moon or something, because something was just off. A hunter (ahem Nio) misdirected onto our rogue Atania "for fun", our lock Buns accidently kept soulstoning herself, and we had our first ever wipe on the Opera's Big Bad Wolf event because someone accidently shot into the audience. All of a sudden there is this huge stream of mobs just running onto the stage. Guess they didn't like our show so much? It was a funny night though... and probably more memorable than a standard night of clears.

We did have two new toons run with us this night, Lucy the hunter who is an alt of Rapunzel, a holy priest we have run with often. Now Lucy is the first female dwarf who has ever run with us, and I was glad to see that female dwarves do in fact exist. I said that we should have had Lucy come with us when Ratshag ran with us a couple weeks back. And Lucy did say that she found Ratshag to be one cute dwarf man. Hmmm... playing matchmaker are we?

We also had another tree run with us, Shianti. I love her toon names... she also has a Shablis. Her next toons could be Shardonnay, Sherlot, or Shalbec? Shauvignonblanc may be too long? Anyways, I love running with another tree... the mood is just so... arboreal. Here's the two of us swaying together in the ever present but always invisible resto tree breeze. Jess would run back and stand between us and say, "Look I'm in the forest!"


Saturday, July 5, 2008

Healing stats and gear 7.5.08

I’ve made a number of upgrades since I last talked about my stats/gear. I’ve gotten enough HH rep to get the healing helm enchant, turned in badges to get my off-hand and bracers upgraded, and got the healing ring off of Prince and the T4 gloves off Curator as well as the Season 2 PVP healing mace. This brings my unbuffed +healing to 1843. I remember when I was but a wee little nightelf... getting excited when my +healing passed 1000... then 1500. Now I'm pushing towards 2000!

One piece that I would like to upgrade next is my cloak, which is a world drop that I purchased off the AH a long time ago. However, I don’t seem to see any possible decent badge upgrades. Boo. So looking at my gear, what should I upgrade next? My cloak? Helm?

All stats unbuffed, no potions, no food, no scrolls, no nothing!
Level: 70
Health: 7364
Mana: 8720
Intellect: 442
Spirit: 476
+Healing: 1843
+MP5: 520/194

Weapon: Merciless Gladiator's Salvation

Off-hand: Voodoo Shaker

Idol: Idol of the Emerald Queen

Head: Hood of Primal Life

Neck: Shattered Sun Pendant of Restoration

Shoulders: Forest Wind Shoulderpads

Back: Lifegiving Cloak

Chest: Gown of Spiritual Wonder

Wrists: Gargon's Bracers of Peaceful Slumber

Hands: Handguards of Malorne

Waist: Cord of Nature's Sustenance

Legs: Earthsoul Leggings

Feet: Forestlord Striders

Ring: Violet Signet of the Grand Restorer

Ring: Jade Ring of the Everlasting

Trinket: Redeemer's Alchemist Stone

Trinket: Ribbon of Sacrifice


Wednesday, July 2, 2008

Oh noes, the corn! Save the corn!

Last night we did a couple of guild battleground runs for the first time. Jess needed 20 AB marks to get the arena season 2 tanking shoulders as who knows when the ones of Netherspite will drop for her. I am in my final push for just 1,000 more honor to get Merciless Gladiator's Salvation. And yes, I am also going to use it for pve, the topic of which has been creating quite an uproar on BBB's blog. I actually started Kara with quite a bit of pvp gear on as it was the best gear I could get at the time. And likewise, I will be equipping this pvp mace for pve as Maiden and Prince haven't been dropping their maces, plus this pvp mace has some ridiculous +healing on it. Does this make me somewhat less of a pve healer? Meh... you can think that if you want, but for me I am currently trying to get my +healing to as high a number as possible. If you got a problem with that, I say "No healz for you!"

Anyways, back to last night. Jess hasn't been all that big into battlegrounds, Vel and Nio had never been before (omg noobs!), while Adamas (on his new 70 hunter Ricochet) and I had the most experience. We started out with the five of us going to an AB together. As the battleground leader, I was able to move the groups around so that the five of us were all in one group and I marked each one of us so that we would easily stand out. Our strategy? Go for the corn! Yes, that would be the farm. I ran a number of ABs last weekend with some hilarious people who were all about the alliance going all out from the very beginning to push for the farm. When the farm would be attacked, it was "Oh noes, the corn! Save the corn!" We'd then make sure the rest of the team had the other bases then cut Horde off from their starting house.

This strategy worked out pretty well for us in this first run and the five of us became a little roving gang of offensive trouble. When we'd get the farm, we'd leave a couple of other people from the team to defend it and go for LM or the mine. We made a nice little team, a warrior, two hunters, a fire mage, and resto druid. Jess, with all her health was a nice little piece of meat bait for us, I barely had to heal her except when warlocks got on her. (p.s. I hates those warlocks in bgs!) Anyways, so Jess would just storm the flag and try to get all the attention on her, I would run around in circles healing, while Nio, Ric, and Vel just stood from a distance and burned people down. We pretty much had 3-2 or 4-1 bases most of this game, and I like to think that this alliance team won because of the 5 of us. It was pretty fun to be on vent as a group and I was glad that Nio and Vel sort of seemed to enjoy their first bg.

We then brought in more guildies and friends of guildies to do a WSG and a couple more ABs. However the problem is that once you start queing in larger premade groups, it seems that you get matched up against Horde premade teams that are in all pvp gear or with at least 300+ resilience. So yeah, once we went in with premade teams of 8-9, we got our asses whooped as most of our team weren't in pvp gear. I wish we could continue to do larger premade guild runs of bgs for fun and get matched up with Horde teams that are of similar pvp gear.

What was funny about doing our first guild bgs was how the new people reacted to it. I tried to prepare Nio and Vel by saying that in doing bgs, you have to accept the fact that you may die a lot and you may encounter ridiculous and annoying people on your team. So in one of the ABs where we were getting our asses handed to us, there was this one pesky (but yes, very very good rogue) that was giving us a lot of trouble. He seemed to keep going after Vel. After a couple of deaths, Vel yells out something to the effect of "Get that f'in rogue!" Whoa. We all paused for a moment, then started laughing. It was pretty hilarious, hearing something like that come out of the mouth of our sweet and innocent mage. But then again, maybe all that fire she breaths out as a fire mage also translates into the types of words that come out of her mouth?