Sunday, July 6, 2008


Ever have one of these kind of nights? Well we had one the other night in Kara. We weren't going for a progression night as we got started late and just wanted to clear a couple of the early bosses. It must have been a full moon or something, because something was just off. A hunter (ahem Nio) misdirected onto our rogue Atania "for fun", our lock Buns accidently kept soulstoning herself, and we had our first ever wipe on the Opera's Big Bad Wolf event because someone accidently shot into the audience. All of a sudden there is this huge stream of mobs just running onto the stage. Guess they didn't like our show so much? It was a funny night though... and probably more memorable than a standard night of clears.

We did have two new toons run with us this night, Lucy the hunter who is an alt of Rapunzel, a holy priest we have run with often. Now Lucy is the first female dwarf who has ever run with us, and I was glad to see that female dwarves do in fact exist. I said that we should have had Lucy come with us when Ratshag ran with us a couple weeks back. And Lucy did say that she found Ratshag to be one cute dwarf man. Hmmm... playing matchmaker are we?

We also had another tree run with us, Shianti. I love her toon names... she also has a Shablis. Her next toons could be Shardonnay, Sherlot, or Shalbec? Shauvignonblanc may be too long? Anyways, I love running with another tree... the mood is just so... arboreal. Here's the two of us swaying together in the ever present but always invisible resto tree breeze. Jess would run back and stand between us and say, "Look I'm in the forest!"

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  1. We had that happen in the Opera event once... after that we started clearing the audience first. And actually, it's just a couple quick AoE pulls, for a nice amount of rep. We eventually started calling it the "rep room."