Wednesday, July 2, 2008

Oh noes, the corn! Save the corn!

Last night we did a couple of guild battleground runs for the first time. Jess needed 20 AB marks to get the arena season 2 tanking shoulders as who knows when the ones of Netherspite will drop for her. I am in my final push for just 1,000 more honor to get Merciless Gladiator's Salvation. And yes, I am also going to use it for pve, the topic of which has been creating quite an uproar on BBB's blog. I actually started Kara with quite a bit of pvp gear on as it was the best gear I could get at the time. And likewise, I will be equipping this pvp mace for pve as Maiden and Prince haven't been dropping their maces, plus this pvp mace has some ridiculous +healing on it. Does this make me somewhat less of a pve healer? Meh... you can think that if you want, but for me I am currently trying to get my +healing to as high a number as possible. If you got a problem with that, I say "No healz for you!"

Anyways, back to last night. Jess hasn't been all that big into battlegrounds, Vel and Nio had never been before (omg noobs!), while Adamas (on his new 70 hunter Ricochet) and I had the most experience. We started out with the five of us going to an AB together. As the battleground leader, I was able to move the groups around so that the five of us were all in one group and I marked each one of us so that we would easily stand out. Our strategy? Go for the corn! Yes, that would be the farm. I ran a number of ABs last weekend with some hilarious people who were all about the alliance going all out from the very beginning to push for the farm. When the farm would be attacked, it was "Oh noes, the corn! Save the corn!" We'd then make sure the rest of the team had the other bases then cut Horde off from their starting house.

This strategy worked out pretty well for us in this first run and the five of us became a little roving gang of offensive trouble. When we'd get the farm, we'd leave a couple of other people from the team to defend it and go for LM or the mine. We made a nice little team, a warrior, two hunters, a fire mage, and resto druid. Jess, with all her health was a nice little piece of meat bait for us, I barely had to heal her except when warlocks got on her. (p.s. I hates those warlocks in bgs!) Anyways, so Jess would just storm the flag and try to get all the attention on her, I would run around in circles healing, while Nio, Ric, and Vel just stood from a distance and burned people down. We pretty much had 3-2 or 4-1 bases most of this game, and I like to think that this alliance team won because of the 5 of us. It was pretty fun to be on vent as a group and I was glad that Nio and Vel sort of seemed to enjoy their first bg.

We then brought in more guildies and friends of guildies to do a WSG and a couple more ABs. However the problem is that once you start queing in larger premade groups, it seems that you get matched up against Horde premade teams that are in all pvp gear or with at least 300+ resilience. So yeah, once we went in with premade teams of 8-9, we got our asses whooped as most of our team weren't in pvp gear. I wish we could continue to do larger premade guild runs of bgs for fun and get matched up with Horde teams that are of similar pvp gear.

What was funny about doing our first guild bgs was how the new people reacted to it. I tried to prepare Nio and Vel by saying that in doing bgs, you have to accept the fact that you may die a lot and you may encounter ridiculous and annoying people on your team. So in one of the ABs where we were getting our asses handed to us, there was this one pesky (but yes, very very good rogue) that was giving us a lot of trouble. He seemed to keep going after Vel. After a couple of deaths, Vel yells out something to the effect of "Get that f'in rogue!" Whoa. We all paused for a moment, then started laughing. It was pretty hilarious, hearing something like that come out of the mouth of our sweet and innocent mage. But then again, maybe all that fire she breaths out as a fire mage also translates into the types of words that come out of her mouth?


  1. To be honest, I had thought that I was benig acceptably joking when I said that I knew that it was unreasonable to be thinking "oh nooes" when I see a player in 100% PvP gear in a PvE raid... and that I also don't judge folks in relaity that way, because you find out if someone can play by seeing WHAT they do, not what they're wearing.

    Sadly, after all this time blogging, people seem to assume I am a judgmental butthead with a closed mind.

    I promise you, if you bring your new S2 healie mace to any run I am ever in, I will be properly appreciative if your awesome skills... and I think the mace looks neat, too.

  2. OF your awesome skills, OF... dang typos.

  3. Thanks BBB... I think upon second reading and your post this morning, I realize your issue is more about how much easier it is to get Tier 5 equivalent Season 2 gear than pve Tier 5 gear.

    I don't know, I think something about your first post didn't completely translate in terms of the sarcasm or joking factor... or maybe this is such a sensitive subject for a lot of people.

    Anyways, I definitely don't think you are a judgemental butthead with a closed mind and I would heal your big bear ass any time.

  4. Um... this innocent and sweet mage would NEVER say such must have been mistaken.. *ahem*

    ...and i believe it was "get that motherf*in rogue"

    Not being able to get a spell off in BG means if i can't shoot fire; I spit fire. :)

  5. Oh yeah, it was "motherf'in". Its funny how a "f-in" here, a "f-in" there doesn't seem that bad. But then you add a "mother" to that word and it seems to take it to another level...