Thursday, July 31, 2008

Alternative healing in WOW?

I think its time that we think outside the box and beyond the typical "I send you green swirlies" type of healing. As alternative healing increases in popularity, how could it be applied in our little game? Ok ok, so some of them would work better than others.

1. Acupuncture:
Yeah... this may be hard to translate. I mean sending Jess in to tank something with a bunch of needles sticking out of her could be a bit dangerous. But how about the squishy casters? Could I just stick a needle behind Dest, Buns, and Vel's ears or something and have it do some minor healing over time or something?

2. Hypnosis and Meditation:
Ok, perhaps this method of healing also wouldn't work so well. Though it does remind me of those Dreamless Sleep Potions!

3. Prayer:
Its funny to me that some actually consider prayer to be a method of alternative healing. I guess we all do this in one way or another in WOW... but maybe if the group takes the time to stand in a circle, hold hands, and do an official prayer together before they start, everyone's healing received would increase a bit for the duration of the night?

4. Music Therapy:
I don't know too much about music therapy and how it is supposed to work. But how about if I bring like a harp with me to a raid (ok that's a bit big), so hmmm... a flute perhaps? And then I would start playing some diddy during the raid and it would increase people's health or their healing received or something. But wait, I'm actually supposed to be healing during a fight... so maybe I can't be playing an instrument. Could I just bring my iphone and some speakers maybes?

5. Aromatherapy:
Ok so the ones above may not work so well, but I think aromatherapy could maybe be applied in game. In aromatherapy lavender is supposed to be relaxing, basil can relieve headaches, and black pepper can help aches and pains. So how about if herbalists and/or alchemists could crush some mixture of herbs and release them in a raid for a healing effect to the group or raid? I guess I'm thinking of it sort of similar to the different kinds of drums leatherworkers get to beat on. We crush up a little Fel Lotus, release it as an oil, and everyone's healing received increases?


  1. Um, you get a little weird when you've been off line for a few days.

  2. You forgot pet therapy.. Mages already do it, but only to their enemies.... Polymorph

  3. Oh good idea Gnomeaggedon... pet therapy! As dogs are used for therapy in hospitals and nursing homes, its another reason why we should have dog pets in the game.

  4. 1. Nah wouldn't work, you have to be laying down (i.e. static) for needles, and fights in WoW, alas, require movement.
    2. Yep /agree, this is Dreamless Sleep Potion.
    3. Would give a new meaning to the spell Circle of Healing, wouldn't it? :)
    4. Bards are a playable class in LotRO, and frankly they are welcome to stay there... ;p
    5. Good suggestion. If leatherworkers can have Drums of Restoration, I don't see why Alchemists can't have a similiar party buff. /bump for this idea :)

    Nice post :)

  5. I am loving the tree advice. Now all I need are the little gnome men to start lining up...I'm getting a little old lady flab under my arms. Maybe just a little more practice huh?

  6. regarding 4. there are drums of ... that heal.