Monday, July 28, 2008

Going from "We iz leet!" to "We iz sucketh!" to "We iz silly!"

We did our first real run of ZA this past weekend. I say its our first real run because the time we went like a month ago was missing some key members and we ended up having to pug two spots. This was our first real foray in there with our core group.

It was surprising how much easier the bear boss Nalorakk was in this group. Last time we wiped quite a bit on trash leading up to him. This time we just sailed right up to him and one shotted him. I think it was quite fitting that our first drop from ZA was a hunter piece for Niobar. Its probably some sort of loot karma given all the crap he's gotten from us lately. So now he is wearing two of Adamas' cousins heads mounted on his shoulders. Oh and it was such a nonchalant and obvious kinda kill that I totally forgot to take a screenshot! D'oh.

We then went towards the eagle guy Akil'zon. Now the trash leading up to it was sort of "fun"... where you have to keep pushing through to get the guy on the stairs to stop the waves of trash. We actually did really well, and a number of people mentioned how fun that was. Except the three healers... it was sort of stressful for us. Now I think we lost people during the first attempt on the boss with the storm thing... they weren't under it in enough time or something. For the next attempts we called out 5 sec before his cooldown on it expired and just had everyone run in.

We started toward the third guy, but it got late. I was asked to root the scout or try to hibernate the flying dragon thingie during this trash, which was different. All in all though we were very happy with our first foray in ZA. Anyways here we are with Akil'zon... except you can't even see the boss. I need to take some screenshot lessons...

The next day a group of us decide that hey, we iz leet, we did ZA so easily, let's do the heroic daily, which was Old Hillsbrad. How bad could it be? Um... hmmm. So we find out later that a group with no melee dps is a bit difficult in there. Yeah... we had issues with trash and eventually quit on the third boss because we just couldn't get past the third wave of those dragon thingies before the boss lands. We have such an easy time in ZA, then we can't do Heroic Durn? We iz sucketh.

The weekend then ended with a low key badge farm run through the first half of Kara because the other healers weren't able to return to ZA us last night. So yeah, this is where the weekend was about "We iz silly". Why? Well... Nio facepulled Maiden, but we downed her, even though Wut also died which meant no one could heal Jess through consecration. Throughout trash, Atania noted that Wut and Jess were playing some aggro patty cake game with each other, switching the MT role back and forth. We actually decided to pull the audience at Opera. I think Nio misdirected one of those mobs right before Curator onto Vel. We also decided CC is drastically overrated... shackles? traps? Pfffft. Its as if since the group was generally geared way past what we were doing, we were almost trying to see how much we could screw up and still do what we were supposed to do. It was pretty fun!


  1. 1) Grats!
    2) Lucks for next time!
    3) yay sillies!

  2. Good work. I have found that on the second boss in ZA just have someone in the group turn there sound down and ambience up to full and when you hear it start to rain you run in.