Saturday, July 5, 2008

Healing stats and gear 7.5.08

I’ve made a number of upgrades since I last talked about my stats/gear. I’ve gotten enough HH rep to get the healing helm enchant, turned in badges to get my off-hand and bracers upgraded, and got the healing ring off of Prince and the T4 gloves off Curator as well as the Season 2 PVP healing mace. This brings my unbuffed +healing to 1843. I remember when I was but a wee little nightelf... getting excited when my +healing passed 1000... then 1500. Now I'm pushing towards 2000!

One piece that I would like to upgrade next is my cloak, which is a world drop that I purchased off the AH a long time ago. However, I don’t seem to see any possible decent badge upgrades. Boo. So looking at my gear, what should I upgrade next? My cloak? Helm?

All stats unbuffed, no potions, no food, no scrolls, no nothing!
Level: 70
Health: 7364
Mana: 8720
Intellect: 442
Spirit: 476
+Healing: 1843
+MP5: 520/194

Weapon: Merciless Gladiator's Salvation

Off-hand: Voodoo Shaker

Idol: Idol of the Emerald Queen

Head: Hood of Primal Life

Neck: Shattered Sun Pendant of Restoration

Shoulders: Forest Wind Shoulderpads

Back: Lifegiving Cloak

Chest: Gown of Spiritual Wonder

Wrists: Gargon's Bracers of Peaceful Slumber

Hands: Handguards of Malorne

Waist: Cord of Nature's Sustenance

Legs: Earthsoul Leggings

Feet: Forestlord Striders

Ring: Violet Signet of the Grand Restorer

Ring: Jade Ring of the Everlasting

Trinket: Redeemer's Alchemist Stone

Trinket: Ribbon of Sacrifice


  1. Your gear pretty much evolves to a state where upgrades from Karazhan aren't possible. Right now I think only a new cloak (Red Riding Hood or Prince) and a new Hood (Netherspite (more of a crown though) or T4 from Prince) could be upgrades from drops within Karazhan. If it comes to badge-items then the legs may be an option for you.

  2. Yeah essentially most stuff you have on right now will only end up being side grades in Kara. You are almost peaked for gear from there. Good thing you are starting ZA :)

  3. Yeah I meant badge upgrades... I know there isn't much in terms of gear for me anymore.

    I thinks I will go for new pants?