Thursday, July 24, 2008

An alternative way to farm mageweave and runecloth

Now perhaps you are like me and have an alt that is leveling up tailoring. Most of the cloth seems generally easy to get or buy, except for mageweave and runecloth. They are ridiculously expensive on my server. Now I think most people know that a really great place to farm mageweave is the ogres in Tanaris.

Well, here's an alternative. And yes, of course it involves fishing. Fishing the coasts of Feralas and Tanaris will get you bolts of cloth. Here is what I got during a 2.5 hour fishing expedition. I fished the floating wreckage pools as well as the pools of fish.

* 8 green items
* 40 BOLTS (yes, bolts) of mageweave
* 18 BOLTS of runecloth
* 69 thick leather
* 20 rugged leather
* 42 stonescale eel
* 75 firefin snapper
* 42 oily blackmouth
* 12 superior healing potion
* 16 greater mana potion
* 14 rumsey rum blacklabel
* 34 stranglekelp

When K was leveling up, she spent so much time fishing these pools, that Jess had to seriously do an intervention to make me stop fishing and get back to leveling. But with hauls like above, can you blame me?


  1. Uh, you have a SERIOUS fishing dependency K.

    Fellow tanks, when your healer has more gold than you have health (buffed), you need to be raiding more.

  2. Hey, I'm not dependent! Uh, well, hmmm... maybes. Will you guys be calling that A&E show Intervention on me?

    I do have a serious problem with needing to see my gold balance keep increasing. When is enough enough?