Wednesday, October 31, 2007

OMG this kid deserves a regrade!!! - edit

Gwenny on wowladies posted this hilarious picture of an actual test handed in by a kid.

I believe this kid deserves a regrade. The opposite of a pro is a noob!!!

Edit - 2:50 pm. Someone let me know that the link I had posted on these funny exam answers opened some sort of virus. Thank you thank you thank you. OMG! I am so "the opposite of a pro" in terms of this kind of stuff. That link has been deleted. I believe this one is ok. Only one not on this new link that was hilarious to me is below. So sorry!


Barkskin... a little redundant?

Barkskin... you know, that which grants you skin as tough as bark and a reduction in damage taken by 20%. Anyone else ever think its a bit odd when casting this is tree form? I mean as a tree, wouldn't our skin already be... uh bark? Here's my suggestion... make casting barkskin in tree form an even bigger defense spell than in regular form. Maybe reducing damage by 25%? Call it double barkskin? lol. Or maybe in tree form we should get a little more armor. Hmmm.

I mentioned the other day that I fished up a second Mr. Pinchy. Well he granted me a second wish last night and it was a second Magical Crawdad pet! Kinda sucks that I can't give it to anyone and that I can only have one pet out at a time. It would have been cute to have twin crustacean friends running around with me. What good fishing luck I've had lately... is this a sign? Will I win the Stranglethorn Fishing Extravaganza this Sunday? (keeping fingers crossed).


Monday, October 29, 2007

My secrets

Lately I've been divulging a lot of hobbies of mine with you all... Carolina basketball, fantasy football, geeky scavenger hunting... Well in addition to all of this, writing my own blog, and playing WOW of course, is reading other blogs.

Do you know about PostSecret? It is one of my favorite blogs and is updated every Sunday with all sorts of secrets that strangers send in. Some are funny, some are sad, some are a little disturbing. In the spirit of Post Secret, here are two from me.

Its funny how real life and WOW overlap. Driving around this weekend seeing all the trees turn made me think about K in tree form! Must get out more... lol

I know deaths aren't always the healer's fault. Maybe its from having grown up Catholic with all that Catholic guilt, but I still can't help feeling guilty and bad/sad. I sort of feel like I'm being a bad healer when people die. :(


K's weekend

So it was a pretty good weekend for K and her buddies.

1. We ran Shadow Labs Friday night and while some deaths were had, Jess and I felt a lot better about our performance than we did after Sethekk. Kind of odd because Slabs is supposed to be harder. But then again, we did have our old friend Adamas, a feral druid, along. While I consider Phaelia to be my all knowing resto druid older sister, Adamas would be my all knowing feral druid older brother. He was one of the first people I ever grouped with back in the days. Adamas is a kick ass feral druid and knows all the instances like the back of his hand.... even if he is a little "bouncy". I love watching him in bear form run around and around to grab all the aggro. It cracks me up.

2. We finally got around to doing the Headless Horseman in Scarlet Monastery. It was a little tough because I was the only healer for most of it and we were doing it in a group of 7-8 because we weren't all 70. That's a whole lotta green bars to keep track of. It was fun though and I walked away with the Witching Band.

3. I got a second Mr. Pinchy! Like the first Mr. Pinchy I got, he was fished out of Lake Jorune, the lake above Stonebreaker Hold.

4. I had a very very successful weekend on the AH. Its really funny how the economy fluctuates. Some weekends, I can't sell anything, others, stuff sells like hotcakes. I still think for Drenden that Sundays and Mondays are the best days to put stuff up.


Friday, October 26, 2007

Funny search terms

So I've been messing around with my statcounter features. Yesterday I posted about where people are visiting from all over the world. Today I shall share with you search terms that got people to this blog. Some were to be expected, such as "fishing extravaganza gear", "druid healing rotation", "tree of life form gear". This is helpful because it gives me an idea of how to better organize my healing and gear posts.

But others were pretty hilarious and some were just plain odd. Here is the list with some comments from yours truly. No offense to anyone who used these search terms!

* "this tree form, is life, it save my life" - Huh? But yes, not only do we save lives, we ARE life.

* "a tree of life druid can’t be killed" - Oh, how I wish this were the case. Me no likey, but yes us trees can be killed. So sad, so sad.

* "is the druid tree of life any good" - What? Are you freakin crazy? We're not only good, we're awesome!

* "crazy resto druid" - Us? Crazy? Naaaah...

* "tree of life charm" - Why thank you madam or mister, us trees certainly gots lotsa charm.

* "how to get the druid tree of life form" - Well, in order to become one of us trees, you must go out into the wilderness (or a tree in your backyard will work) and become one with the trees. Put your forehead to its trunk and absorb all that tree spirit. Only then will you be able to play a tree in WOW. Or alternatively you could just spend 41 points in the resto talent tree.

* "dilbert wow" - Heh heh, I guess my What Dilbert can teach us about WOW post amused some.

* "swift flight form"; "wow druid flight form" - Its amusing people found me through this search term when my post was ranting about it.

* "healing meters prayer of mending" - Huh? Im sure you were confused to search for a priest spell and fall upon my blog!

* "what does a resto druid need for heroics" - I would think a lot of patience and a kick ass group. Oh yeah, I guess there's gear too.

* "resto for life" - You were probably searching for Phaelia's resto4life blog. But alternatively maybe you were coming up with a new Tree battle cry.

Just picture it... a clear beautiful day on a large field and there on the horizon is a whole line of us Trees. Faces painted, wearing tartan plaid kilts, shaking their branchy arms... exclaiming, "RESTO FOR LIFE!" Hell yeah. Bring on Illidan, baby.


Thursday, October 25, 2007

Cultural differences?

So WOW Insider had a post the other day on druid blogs you should be reading and for some crazy reason, mine was listed. I hope it was very clear that you should be coming to me for entertainment (please feel free to laugh at my noobness) and random WOW stories vs serious hard core tree druid knowledge. For that you need to go see Phaelia, who I sort of consider to be my all-knowing, restoration druid big sister.

Well this article certainly brought all sorts of readers to my blog from all over the US and all over the world. My stat counter has this neat feature where you can see which countries people are visiting from. Listed in order of number of visitors, I believe, here is the list. Sorry its fuzzy, I am also a noob at blogging and editing images.

It's so awesome that all these people from all over the world have been to my silly little site! I am a huge fan of international travel. I'd love to one day just have the time and money to travel around the world and would love to visit every single country on this list. The X's are those I have been fortunate to have already visited, the * denotes an upcoming trip.

So obviously WOW is an international phenomenon. It makes me wonder whether cultural differences play into WOW? I am curious whether server, guild, PUG, chat channel dynamics are different on the EU servers or servers in Asia. Has anyone played on both US servers and an EU or Asian server? Any differences?


Wednesday, October 24, 2007

Fantasy WOW?

I am a big sports nut, pretty much knowing what is going on with all sports. While I've been waiting for my favorite, the college basketball season to start (my alma mater, UNC is taking it all next April!!!), I've gotten myself into soccer (or football for the rest of the world). I've joined a group of friends in a fantasy football league for the English Premier League.

So every Thursday or Friday has been spent looking at who is hurt, who's value has gone up, who on my team just hasn't been performing before the trade deadline for the week ends. The real fun is in the competition and smack talking amongst friends. Smack talking is fun when the three female members have been doing better than the guys. lol. I actually won the gameweek (with 64 points) for the first time this season thanks to awesome play from Tevez, Elano, Alex, and Carvalho. Fabregas didn't do as well, but he usually does well. Any other English Premier league fans here?

Well this got me thinking, wouldn't it be funny to have some sort of Fantasy WOW? I don't see this ever happening, but if Blizzard were able to track and report certain data, you could pick a team of the top players across servers, guilds, and factions. Maybe you build a team of 15 the includes at least one of each class. Then you get points based on their weekly performance. No wipes, +3. A Druid that puts up combat rez, +3. Each major boss taken down, +1. Ninja looting, -10. Heh heh.


Tuesday, October 23, 2007

WOW Scavenger hunt?

The last couple of nights I've been feeling a little bleh and less than motivated about playing. Must get geared for Kara! Aaah! Bleh. And I've even gotten sick of fishing (I know... what blasphemy). I need a new distraction or side activity in the game.

Well, I've been spending some time thinking about how much in the game we don't really notice. I am the first to admit that I more than not, never really read the quests given to me. I was like "Yeah, yeah, yeah... blah blah blah... just give me the darned quest". But I feel like there are some really cool little things in the game that deserve to be noticed.

So (geez I am really exposing my geeky side now...) I've been thinking of putting together a little WOW scavenger/riddle hunt. Sort of like Watson Adventures does in real life. If any of you are in the cities where they host public hunts, you have to do it. I did two (one in the Metropolitan Museum of Art and one in lower Manhattan) when I lived in NYC and had an absolute blast. My girlfriend and I actually won the one in the museum. It was hilarious running around the Met for two hours solving all sorts of riddles.

I wonder whether anyone cares about this kind of stuff? Is everyone just too busy gearing up for and/or running end game instances? A teaser:

1. Where in IF is the NPC that shares a first name with the actress who played Punky Brewster?
2. If you take the number of IF guards inside The High Seat and subtract the number of hanging shirts in the IF AH, you get the number...
3. A horde catapult is hidden somewhere around IF. From which War is it a remnant from?

I was an art history minor in undergrad so maybe I could do one around all the interesting paintings/sculptures in the game. Hmmm...


What it's all about

This screenshot deserves a good caption. Hmmm...


Monday, October 22, 2007

Rep changes FTW!

So after I make my morning posts on my blog, I go over to the oh so handy dandy Google Reader and check out the other wow blogs. And I just found something that almost made me spew my coffee all over my monitor.

Big Bear Butt has a post about changes in the next patch to getting keyed for heroics. You only need Honored rep! I can't even tell you how excited I am about this. I'm already honored with Lower City so I'll be able to run heroic Sethekk for my epic flight form. Now I just need to get good enough gear/skills to be able to do it... /sigh


The good, the bad, and the ugly

Lots to update and blog about!

The very very good:
1. K is wearing new pants: [Pants of Living Growth] I'm tooling around somewhere when Jess lets me know these are on the AH for 600g. What in the...?!?! I never find healing leather gear on the Drenden AH! So actually this is a kilt. I just love how cool it looks, check out the picture under about me. Plus its my first purple!
2. A run in Sethekk on Saturday night got our rogue Atania the much drooled after: [Shoulderpads of Assassination]

The good:
1. I made my first two alchemy discoveries over two nights. [Flask of Relentless Assault] and Transmute Primal Earth to Life.
2. Sethekk runs over the weekend gave Jess some plate upgrades.
3. I love the trick or treating and all the halloween themed stuff going on!
4. I was watching TV when I saw this ad. Pretty funny.

The bad:
1. I had a really hard time in Sethekk over the weekend. Many deaths were had. I especially had a hard time on the last boss because I just wasn't fast enough to run in tree form to get away from the blinky arcane thing he does. He was blinking in odd locations and got me a lot. I think this was a wake up call for me. My reflexes just weren't fast enough. I really need to do a better job of being aware of my surroundings.
2. I'll have to do more Sethekk runs to get D the shoulders Atania got.
3. I did not win the fishing tournament, yet again. The pools were different from where they were last week and didn't spawn as often. Damn you Blizzard! (angrily shakes fist). I think I just have to get over it and accept that luck has a whole lot to do with it.

The ugly:
1. So I mentioned how hard Sethekk was for me. That was bad. The ugly part was how frustrated I got with it. My group members were pretty good about it, I got a little ugly. I can't even imagine how you deal with working on a boss or instance for weeks! I need to learn how to better deal with this kind of frustration.
2. The ugliest part is that I have to go back to Sethekk in heroic mode for my epic flight form. :(


Healing gear and status update 10.22.07

K has been busy! Updated off-hand, feet, and head pieces... and most important, new pants! Also note that health has gone up in part due to Daihiro putting some armor kits on me in Sethekk the other night.

Biggest stat jump has been in spirit. I've got spirit, yes I do, I've got spirit, how about you? lol!

All stats unbuffed, no potions, no food, no scrolls, no nothing!
Level: 70
Health: 6294
Mana: 7175
Intellect: 339
Spirit: 333
+Healing: 870
+MP5: 260/72

Weapon: [The Essence Focuser]

Off-hand: [The Saga of Terokk]

Idol: [Harold's Rejuvenating Broach]

Head: [Circlet of the Starcaller]

Neck: [Natasha's Guardian Cord]

Shoulders: [Pauldrons of Arcane Rage]

Back: [Cloak of Healing Rays]

Chest: [Lifewarden's Breastplate]

Wrists: [Goldenvine Wraps]

Hands: [Gloves of Penitence]

Waist: [Boneshredder Belt of the Hierophant]

Legs: [Pants of Living Growth]

Feet: [Moonstrider Boots]

Ring: [Holy Healing Band]

Ring: [Celestial Jewel Ring]

Trinket: [Osu'gun Relic]

Trinket: [Glowing Crystal Insignia]


Thursday, October 18, 2007

What Dilbert can teach us about WOW

I love the comic strip Dilbert. I have some up near my desk that I think are really funny, but then I realized two that have significant WOW implications as well!


Now, I know that end game runs are not going to be easy. As groups wipe and frustration mounts, people are going to give advice or tell others what they're doing wrong or how to do things better. Everyone should work together for the best of the group so as to attain the shared goal... shouldn't they? So I think its important to definitely listen and be open to others, understanding how what you do impacts others.

But at the same time, I would think it is important for the person giving the advice to do it in a way that is not embarrassing, rude, or disparaging. But what if said person keeps ignoring said advice? Well after two times, I say let the swear words roll. j/k.... or am I? ;)

Damage and Health Meters

I don't disagree that there is value to damage and health meters. There should be some standard level of performance for members in end game runs. But I do think its important to look beyond them. Not all classes deal damage or heal the same way. Not all classes have the exact same role in a group. You may end up #1 on the damage meters, but your tank and healer may have had a hell of a time keeping aggro off you and keeping your health up. Or maybe you were the #1 healer but ran out of mana towards the end of the fight and had to constantly rely on innervates (Druids FTW!).

Coming out #1 in these meters doesn't tell the whole story. Likewise, just because you weren't at the top of the damage or health meters, doesn't mean you didn't play an important role in bringing that boss down.


Dear Mr or Ms Scary Elite Mob,

Yes, you are certainly very scary and we fully recognize and respect your scariness. However, Jess and I need X from you. So in the pursuit of X, one of two things are going to happen:

1. You will die
2. We will die

Now, in the unlikely event that the second option occurs, we would like to let you know beforehand that K is a dedicated healer and Jess is a full on tank. You don't even want to see K's mana bar and Jess' health bar. So if we have to tustle, you will focus on Jess, K will heal her, and Jess will do some damage. However, since Jess is a tank, she will not be able to do much damage.

Well, what does this mean for you? This means that even if we die, this will be a very very LONG fight. You will be just absolutely spent and exhausted. Do you really want to go there? Why not just save us all the trouble and just hand over said item X and we can each go on our merry and respective ways?

Think about it and let us know.

Jess and K

Hee hee... I felt compelled to write this letter after Jess and I's experiences with some quests we duoed in Netherstorm and Shadowmoon.


Wednesday, October 17, 2007

A big booooo to swift flight form

Ok, if you guys haven't noticed already, I am somewhat clueless to a lot of things in this game. What I know already, I know really well but what I don't know... well I don't know at all. (Huh?) But seriously, I hope you are using this blog as entertainment and amusement instead of some sort of source of knowledge. For example I posted yesterday thinking that resto druids were no good at arenas... to be corrected that they rock!

On to the subject of this post. So I've been pretty bummed out the last week since finding out that you have to do a bazillion quests to get swift flight form. Ok its not bazillion, but it's a lot and the last part requires doing Sethekk in Heroic mode, which requires revered rep with Lower City (its a never ending death spiral!!!). Ferocious Bite made a recent post on how to do the last part of the quest on his blog.

I, in my glorious cluelessness thought I just needed to fork over 5,000g to get swift flight form. So I fished like a mad woman (motes of water, golden darter, furious crawdad FTW!)... only to find out money isn't enough. Total sad panda. The other night when we did the ring of blood quests, Jess and I made about 100g. Bleh... more money. I don't need more money, but swift flight!

I am probably a rarity in that I have more than enough money, just not the rep to finish the quest line. On a related note, let me rant for a bit about rep. This is my first character I've leveled to 70. So I had no clue that I should grind arrakoa feathers until honored with lower city before doing any of the quests for it. Same for cenarion expedition... turn in unidentified plant parts until you're honored before doing quests. /big big sigh Do others have to do a crazy questline to fly fast as well? Does anyone just need to hand over the money?

So I know I just need to /end rant and get over it and start working on the lower city rep. But in the mean time, I am going to go on a crazy spending spree and use my money to gear up. I did actually find two people on Drenden who can make those shiny purple leather pieces for me, I just have to wait until they have a primal nether available. I was having a hard time finding someone in game until Jess suggested I go to the Drenden profession forums (I swear for a warrior that Jess has a good amount of intellect!).

My question to you all is this... should I switch professions to be able to make the Primal Mooncloth Set (boo also to bop)? It's cloth but it seems like the best gear available for me given I'm not running instances every night. Or should I pick up leatherworking? Thoughts?


Tuesday, October 16, 2007

K + PvP = What in the?!?!

So I hardly ever PvP. Prior to last night I had I believe like 15 honor points. However last night, we did the Ring of Blood quest series in Nagrand and afterwards, Daihiro found some PvP action in Halaa to get in on. I swear, Daihiro can smell good PvP action 10 miles away. Daihiro is to PvP as bees are to flowers. You get the idea.

Well as Daihiro jumps right in, we couldn't just leave him, so Atania, Jess, and I got in with him. Ok, I am so bad at PvP. Not just because I am a noob at PvPing as a resto druid and was in my full somewhat squishy healing gear, but because dealing with real people is so much different that dealing with computer operated mobs. You serious PvPers have some mad skill. And am I right in that resto druids aren't played that often in arenas?

It was hard, annoying, and amusing trying to chase after this warlock who I swear was running faster and crazier than anyone I've ever seen. This did allow me to actually do some ranged damage in a group situation, which never happens! You should have seen how excited I was to be able to nuke these guys to finally take them down. I had to exclaim, "OMG I actually killed him!"


Monday, October 15, 2007

Why? Because screenshots are fun, that's why!

Here's K in all of her transmuting glory. On a related alchemy note, I had the recipe for [Fel Mana Potion]drop for me the other week! See Phaelia's post about these potions.

Jess is always so fashionable. She's very matchy matchy. At the time, this was her red solo gear. Her tanking gear is a full green set. Compared to her, K looks like a bag lady with her mismatched gear.

There certainly is no place like home. K and Jess stoning in tandem.


Stranglethorn Fishing Extravaganza

You non-fishers are probably pretty sick of me talking about fishing. However, I tried for the third time to win the fishing extravaganza yesterday. No, third time was not the charm and I lost once again. When the winner was announced, I had 37 speckled tastyfish, a huge improvement from the last time (27) and the first time (21). I definitely think I can win now, since I did a couple of stupid things including starting 20 seconds late.

So here are my opinions/tips on this tournament:
1. Set heartstone to Booty bay
2. Start on west coast around 27, 69 where the bridge is. Two pools spawn behind the bridge, one in front.
3. Stay on coast up to 25, 58. You can cross the water if you want, but I believe the swimming takes too long, plus there are more fishers up there. So stay between these two points and just keep running back and forth (the pools respawn pretty quickly).
4. If possible try to find a pool no one else is fishing. You get more speckled tastyfish from a pool you are fishing alone. So when running, run the opposite way everyone else is going.
5. Make sure you cast clearly within the pool. When fishing normal pools, you can cast on the edge of the pool and still catch the pool fish. But I've found that its much less likely to get the speckled tastyfish on the edge of the pool than when its clearly within the pool. Just keep recasting until it is.


Friday, October 12, 2007

Healing gear update

I've been able to upgrade my neck, hand, and ring since I last posted my gear. Also I'm listing both MP5 rates (not casting/casting).

All stats unbuffed, no potions, no food, no scrolls, no nothing!
Level: 70
Health: 6114
Mana: 7235
Intellect: 343
Spirit: 277
+Healing: 848
+MP5: 222/60

Weapon: [The Essence Focuser]

Off-hand: [Unearthed Orb]

Idol: [Harold's Rejuvenating Broach]

Head: [Mistyreed Hood of the Physician]

Neck: [Natasha's Guardian Cord]

Shoulders: [Pauldrons of Arcane Rage]

Back: [Cloak of Healing Rays]

Chest: [Lifewarden's Breastplate]

Wrists: [Goldenvine Wraps]

Hands: [Gloves of Penitence]

Waist: [Boneshredder Belt of the Hierophant]

Legs: [Haramad's Leggings of the Third Coin]

Feet: [Swamprunner's Boots]

Ring: [Holy Healing Band]

Ring: [Celestial Jewel Ring]

Trinket: [Osu'gun Relic]

Trinket: [Glowing Crystal Insignia]


Thursday, October 11, 2007

More healing lessons learned...

Both Seb and I got back from SF safe and sound... I did have to swat away some hungry hands from Seb as Jessika warned me. This is the longest I've gone without blogging since I started! Perhaps being away for a while and returning after that absence will give you readers double the ap (amusement points)... much like xp works in WOW! heh heh.

Anyways, I wanted to continue an old post I made about healing lessons learned.

Lesson #5: Healing... the a la carte menu
Around level 50 I realized that healing isn't just spamming a couple of buttons over and over. That's when I learned I should have different ranks of different heals on my action bar! It was like a light bulb went on... I can save mana this way and this is what all that +healing is for! Around level 60 is when I learned to use different heals on different party members in different situations. Currently, I usually use a lot of lifebloom but occasionally throw in rejuvenation and regrowth.

Lesson #6: The early bird does not get the worm... he gets in trouble
When I first started healing instances, I thought I needed to heal the tank immediately... as soon as the tank got his first hits. But then what would happen? Well the tank didn't have enough aggro yet, so the mob would often come to me. Not a great way to start the fight. I had to learn to be patient for a bit before sending pretty green wave swirlies the tank's way.

Lesson #7: It aint over till the fat lady (or healer?) sings
This is sort of a general lesson, not just a healing lesson. But what I've learned is that when things get really crazy, just try to remain calm and do what you do. There have been many times in a fight when I was sure we wouldn't make it, that I was completely wrong! You may be down to 1% mana, and your tank at 1% health, but if that is 1% more health than the mob, its all good!


Sunday, October 7, 2007

K and Seb in SF

I'm in San Francisco for the next couple of days for work so WOW playing and blog updating will probably be at a minimum.

While K is working, she'll send Seb out to see the local sights. Hahahaha! I crack myself up. /sigh


Thursday, October 4, 2007

You knew this already... but we rock!

- Gamers are better at handling risk and uncertainty. (Ok... you want to run X with no idea how the boss fights work and the group geared in quest reward greens and blues.)

- Gamers are more creative and have better problem solving skills. (Maybe we can just all sneak, stealth, prowl around that guy?)

- Gamers are more sociable and have a greater need for human relationships. (I just really love meeting new and fun people through PUGS!)

- Gamers think of themselves as experts and want to tackle problems head-on. (Duel me, duel me, duel me, duel me.... I TOTALLY PWNED YOU NOOB!)

- Gamers aren’t discouraged by failure and believe each setback is just a chance to try again. (Sure, lets just continue to wipe on this boss 10 times over when its clear we're undergeared.)

- Gamers are more flexible about change. (No! We have to have exactly this class do exactly this at exactly this point in this fight. No other strategy will work.)

- Gamers are better at seeing problems in a deeper perspective. (I'm still not running Kara/Gruul/SSC! I/my guild/the game sucks. I quit.)

- Gamers are great at learning in informal ways. (Hey, look it up on wowhead, tthotbot, allakhazam.)

- Gamers are more globally oriented and outwardlooking. (Yeah, Im totally global. I bought gold from those farmers in China.)

- Gamers are more confident and have a more positive outlook on life. (You knew this already... but we rock!)

Source: article in the New York Times that talked about this book published by Harvard Business School Press.

Source of italicized text: K's smart ass WOW responses.


Wednesday, October 3, 2007

Excuse me while I wipe the drool off the keyboard

Here are two crafted items K is going to try to get crafted ASAP by a 365+ leatherworker.

Head: [Hood of Primal Life]

This helm requires 6 heavy knothide leather (which is 30 knothide leather), 20 primal life, 8 primal water, and 1 primal nether.

Hands: [Gloves of the Living Touch]

These gloves require 4 heavy knothide leather (20 knothide leather), 16 primal life, 12 primal earth, and 1 primal nether.

The knothide leather I'm not worried about, it's easy to fish them up in Zanga or buy them on AH. The primal earth and water, I already have sitting in the bank (because I hoard things like crazy). I will have to grind the primal lifes in Zanga or buy them on AH. I think I have like 12 primal lifes in the bank right now... I need 36 for both pieces.

What I'm most worried about is finding a leatherworker who has these patterns and the primal nether. Primal nether is bop (boooo) and drops from the final bosses in Outland instances (~5% chance on normal mode, guaranteed drop on heroic). So if I hand over all the mats and the leatherworker is using their bop primal nether, I wonder how much more the leatherworker will ask for to make these items for me?


K playing in cat form

Want to see more? Ridiculous... but hilarious.


Tuesday, October 2, 2007


Well, my guildies actually knew I was a girl, but I'm sure this happened elsewhere yesterday. So my first experience with Voice chat last night... It was cool, but at the same time, kind of odd. In a way it took away some of the mystique of the game... to have that familiar background music interrupted by the voice of a (shock!) real person. What? You aren't a female nightelf in real life?

So Sunday, I participated in the Stranglethorn Fishing Extravaganza for the second time. Last time I had 21 Tastyfish when the winner was announced. This time I had 27. Total sad panda. I am getting better... but having only 27 when the winner had 40 is still quite a difference! I am done (done, I tell ya!) with trying the eastern coast of Stranglethorn Vale (way too crowded on Drenden) and will try next time on the western coast. The tournament wasn't a complete loss however, as I did get the rare fish Brownell's Blue Striped Racer, which was turned in for [Nat Pagle's Extreme Anglin'Boots].

Finally, I have a most likely noob question about my Mark of the Wild buff. So the highest rank I have is rank 8, which increases armor by 459, attributes by 18, resistances by 33. On my action bar, it says that it is rank 8. But then when I cast it and check on the buff itself on the upper right corner, it says increased armor by 340, attributes by 14, and resistances by 25. Why is my buff less than what the rank 8 stats say they are?


Monday, October 1, 2007

D and our time zone differences

So you guys have heard a lot about our tanky (not skanky) tank Jess, let's meet our crazy pvp loving, sappity sap rogue and GM (though his official guild rank is Psycho), Daihiro.

Now D is the only one of us out in the East Coast. We have a number of West Coasters, and I'm in the heartland of America, on good old CST. This means that when we run instances, D is up the latest. Add to that the fact that I believe he games in a very comfortable chair and works a sometimes crazy work schedule, D sometimes falls asleep in the middle of an instance. It's become somewhat of a guild joke.

Well it happened again Friday night in a guild run of Auch Crypts, where D spent the night by himself. Fortunately it was after we finished the instance. The SS isn't all that clear, but basically it looks like D has been punished and sent to face the naughty corner. As a guild, we know that D has fallen asleep when he starts just running into some wall. I think this will change when we get voice, because then we can try to talk to him to wake him up. Anyone else have guild time zone differences?

Just so D's backside isn't all you see, here's another pic of D.

Finally we had a group wipe in Crypts on Friday and I got a SS of the sad carnage. We nightelves die a pretty dramatic death as well! (Aaargh! Plop.)


Healing status and gear update

I've been able to upgrade a couple pieces, thanks to Phaelia's awesome advice. I was able to pick up the Essence Focuser for an unbelievable 45g (Drenden FTW!). I actually bought two for 45g each and sold the second one for a nice profit. Because, it's all about the Benjamins!

All stats unbuffed, no potions, no food, no scrolls, no nothing!
Level: 70
Health: 6244
Mana: 7010
Intellect: 328
Spirit: 262
+Healing: 861
+MP5: 203

Weapon: [The Essence Focuser]

Off-hand: [Unearthed Orb]

Idol: [Harold's Rejuvenating Broach]

Head: [Mistyreed Hood of the Physician]

Neck: [Ogre Slayer's Pendant]

Shoulders: [Pauldrons of Arcane Rage]

Back: [Cloak of Healing Rays]

Chest: [Lifewarden's Breastplate]

Wrists: [Goldenvine Wraps]

Hands: [Murkblood Gloves of Healing]

Waist: [Boneshredder Belt of the Hierophant]

Legs: [Haramad's Leggings of the Third Coin]

Feet: [Swamprunner's Boots]

Ring: [Holy Healing Band]

Ring: [Heirloom Signet of Convalescence]

Trinket: [Osu'gun Relic]

Trinket: [Glowing Crystal Insignia]