Monday, October 15, 2007

Why? Because screenshots are fun, that's why!

Here's K in all of her transmuting glory. On a related alchemy note, I had the recipe for [Fel Mana Potion]drop for me the other week! See Phaelia's post about these potions.

Jess is always so fashionable. She's very matchy matchy. At the time, this was her red solo gear. Her tanking gear is a full green set. Compared to her, K looks like a bag lady with her mismatched gear.

There certainly is no place like home. K and Jess stoning in tandem.


  1. ;) I had that green fel iron set for quite a bit of my 60s, but my current tanking set is a bit mismatched. I won't sacrifice function for fashion when it comes to tanking. My solo set (more agility and critical strike rating for dps but with less stamina and defense) does look good though.

    I like that shot of us stoning out together. Tank-healer team FTW!

  2. I had the red solo armor thing going on meself for a while, and it was nice to look all matchy. Lost some of the effect with me new Helm of Evil Horseman Laughter, but it's so cool I don't mind.

    Level 70 tanking gear makes you look like an armored clown, though. No help for it until you can get your Tier 4s.