Wednesday, October 24, 2007

Fantasy WOW?

I am a big sports nut, pretty much knowing what is going on with all sports. While I've been waiting for my favorite, the college basketball season to start (my alma mater, UNC is taking it all next April!!!), I've gotten myself into soccer (or football for the rest of the world). I've joined a group of friends in a fantasy football league for the English Premier League.

So every Thursday or Friday has been spent looking at who is hurt, who's value has gone up, who on my team just hasn't been performing before the trade deadline for the week ends. The real fun is in the competition and smack talking amongst friends. Smack talking is fun when the three female members have been doing better than the guys. lol. I actually won the gameweek (with 64 points) for the first time this season thanks to awesome play from Tevez, Elano, Alex, and Carvalho. Fabregas didn't do as well, but he usually does well. Any other English Premier league fans here?

Well this got me thinking, wouldn't it be funny to have some sort of Fantasy WOW? I don't see this ever happening, but if Blizzard were able to track and report certain data, you could pick a team of the top players across servers, guilds, and factions. Maybe you build a team of 15 the includes at least one of each class. Then you get points based on their weekly performance. No wipes, +3. A Druid that puts up combat rez, +3. Each major boss taken down, +1. Ninja looting, -10. Heh heh.


  1. Hey now, ninja looting -10. C'mon what about us rogues lol.

  2. UNC FTW! I grew up in N.C. and so am true blue myself.

  3. OMG yay Gillir! Awesome.

    Why do you think the background color on my blog is what it is? :) It's Carolina blue for a reason. And yes, it is Carolina blue (we have it trademarked... lol), not sky, light, or powder blue. Carolina blue!

  4. You know, I hadn't noticed (probably given the WoW context), but now that you mention it...Very cool.