Thursday, October 25, 2007

Cultural differences?

So WOW Insider had a post the other day on druid blogs you should be reading and for some crazy reason, mine was listed. I hope it was very clear that you should be coming to me for entertainment (please feel free to laugh at my noobness) and random WOW stories vs serious hard core tree druid knowledge. For that you need to go see Phaelia, who I sort of consider to be my all-knowing, restoration druid big sister.

Well this article certainly brought all sorts of readers to my blog from all over the US and all over the world. My stat counter has this neat feature where you can see which countries people are visiting from. Listed in order of number of visitors, I believe, here is the list. Sorry its fuzzy, I am also a noob at blogging and editing images.

It's so awesome that all these people from all over the world have been to my silly little site! I am a huge fan of international travel. I'd love to one day just have the time and money to travel around the world and would love to visit every single country on this list. The X's are those I have been fortunate to have already visited, the * denotes an upcoming trip.

So obviously WOW is an international phenomenon. It makes me wonder whether cultural differences play into WOW? I am curious whether server, guild, PUG, chat channel dynamics are different on the EU servers or servers in Asia. Has anyone played on both US servers and an EU or Asian server? Any differences?


  1. Heh...I did the same thing you did...and found 4 visitors from Attiki, Greece. *sigh* Spammers. :(

    OTOH, it's intriguing to see that I had more visitors from England than Canada (I should publicize my blog among my guildies more!), and one each from Belgium and Denmark.

    Fascinating stuff. :)

  2. Wordpress doesn't have that feature as far as I can tell, but I imagine nobody reads my silly blog anyway.

    Oh bring me back some gravlax from Sweden. I so love that stuff!

  3. I was really interested in whether cultural differences play into game play. Certain cultures are known to be more polite or more individualistic... etc etc. Hmmm.

    Yes Kestrel, those Scandanavians sure do play a lot. That best guild (I forgot their name) that gets all the world firsts has mainly Scandanavians on it I believe.

    Maybe when I go to Sweden, not only will I get some gravlax for Jess (what is that stuff anyways) but I will bring back WOW playing secrets.

  4. Half of our guild (also on Drenden) is French Canadian. Our guild chat frequently sees french mixed in with English. And, vent can be an educational experience some times. :)

    But all in all, the candians and americans both play about the same.

  5. OMG, someone else from Drenden! Yay!

    I bet your vent gets pretty crazy and amusing.