Thursday, October 18, 2007

What Dilbert can teach us about WOW

I love the comic strip Dilbert. I have some up near my desk that I think are really funny, but then I realized two that have significant WOW implications as well!


Now, I know that end game runs are not going to be easy. As groups wipe and frustration mounts, people are going to give advice or tell others what they're doing wrong or how to do things better. Everyone should work together for the best of the group so as to attain the shared goal... shouldn't they? So I think its important to definitely listen and be open to others, understanding how what you do impacts others.

But at the same time, I would think it is important for the person giving the advice to do it in a way that is not embarrassing, rude, or disparaging. But what if said person keeps ignoring said advice? Well after two times, I say let the swear words roll. j/k.... or am I? ;)

Damage and Health Meters

I don't disagree that there is value to damage and health meters. There should be some standard level of performance for members in end game runs. But I do think its important to look beyond them. Not all classes deal damage or heal the same way. Not all classes have the exact same role in a group. You may end up #1 on the damage meters, but your tank and healer may have had a hell of a time keeping aggro off you and keeping your health up. Or maybe you were the #1 healer but ran out of mana towards the end of the fight and had to constantly rely on innervates (Druids FTW!).

Coming out #1 in these meters doesn't tell the whole story. Likewise, just because you weren't at the top of the damage or health meters, doesn't mean you didn't play an important role in bringing that boss down.


  1. Granted, damage meters are mostly used, as is often called "to stroke one's e-peen" and you have your typical hunter who complains that his pet damage was not added to his, or the rogue boasting how he tops the charts on every fights, or the retarded warlock who goes around casting his DoTs on every target in sight, thereby screwing any and all forms of crowd control but ending up tops in damage done.

    However, do not overlook the absolute necessity of the damage meters. They are not required for 5 man instances, granted, but for 10 and 25 man instances, it can turn out to be quite important. Some fights are mere DPS checks (can you kill the adds in under 10 seconds? No? Come back later) and in such cases it is important to be able to point out who is not pulling their weight. The more the level of detail, the more the information. Why isn't your rogue doing enough damage? Is he missing his attacks? Is he using an energy-ineffecient rotation?

    And healing meters too, though some times healing meters can be skewed do the way prayer of mending and lifebloom works. Also, a druid healing is mostly pre-emptive, while other classes heal reactively, so druids normally always end up with tons of overheailng in the end.


  2. Also, I believe that the "bloom" part of Lifebloom counts for the target's healing total, not the druid's, which can significantly downplay the amount of healing a resto puts out on the meters.

  3. Hehehehehehe......sorry.
    I'm not tryin' to pull jess's agro. But I do like knowing I can steal it if need be.

  4. Really? Healing meters don't take into account lifebloom? That's about half of the healing I do!