Tuesday, October 23, 2007

WOW Scavenger hunt?

The last couple of nights I've been feeling a little bleh and less than motivated about playing. Must get geared for Kara! Aaah! Bleh. And I've even gotten sick of fishing (I know... what blasphemy). I need a new distraction or side activity in the game.

Well, I've been spending some time thinking about how much in the game we don't really notice. I am the first to admit that I more than not, never really read the quests given to me. I was like "Yeah, yeah, yeah... blah blah blah... just give me the darned quest". But I feel like there are some really cool little things in the game that deserve to be noticed.

So (geez I am really exposing my geeky side now...) I've been thinking of putting together a little WOW scavenger/riddle hunt. Sort of like Watson Adventures does in real life. If any of you are in the cities where they host public hunts, you have to do it. I did two (one in the Metropolitan Museum of Art and one in lower Manhattan) when I lived in NYC and had an absolute blast. My girlfriend and I actually won the one in the museum. It was hilarious running around the Met for two hours solving all sorts of riddles.

I wonder whether anyone cares about this kind of stuff? Is everyone just too busy gearing up for and/or running end game instances? A teaser:

1. Where in IF is the NPC that shares a first name with the actress who played Punky Brewster?
2. If you take the number of IF guards inside The High Seat and subtract the number of hanging shirts in the IF AH, you get the number...
3. A horde catapult is hidden somewhere around IF. From which War is it a remnant from?

I was an art history minor in undergrad so maybe I could do one around all the interesting paintings/sculptures in the game. Hmmm...


  1. As far as pop culture references go, I've always liked the crashed jet car in Tanaris. Note that the tracks start on the other side of the mountain in the Shimmering Flats, and pass through (not over) the mountain. A nice salute to The Adventures of Buckaroo Banzai Across the 8th Dimension.

  2. An alternative to this is a screenshot scavenger hunt. I ran one of these for our guild recently which worked really well. We used a message board to share our screenshots, which meant even people who didn't have time to participate could still enjoy - we had some simple clues - take a picture with you in a tuxedo or next to a giraffe, then some puzzle clues like Road Rut (unscrambles to Durotar), and a few bonus ones like what does your character do for fun or best dance picture.
    We had a blast, and it was an event that didn't require too much active maintenance, which is no small benefit

  3. K......you need to look into a little thing called geo-caching.
    It's all about scavanger hunts. You need a gps for this to work but if you go lookup geocaching it'll have points all over your city that random people have hidden things. But remember, take 1 leave 1. It's like a quest reward you can only choose one. Look into it though some people are very creative about they're placements and riddles. Have fun and enjoy.

  4. Oh yeah... I forgot I did do some letterboxing back in the day. Sort of similar but without the GPS. You know how directionally clueless I am in the game... well that translates to real life as well!