Wednesday, February 29, 2012

WoW shopping

Looking for some cute WoW items? Check out some of what I've come across lately.

1. Murloc shirt:

Speaking of murlocs I'm a bit disappointed there haven't been any updates to the Save the Murlocs campaign. Do they not need saving anymore? I beg to differ.

2. Healer shirt:

3. Soulbound cuff bracelet from Etsy seller eclecticgarden:

4. WoW inspired earrings from Etsy seller VeritasCrafts. What is cool about her earrings are that they aren't blatantly WoW labeled, but I loved how I could completely see where/how she got the zones and areas where she got her inspirations from.

Like these inspired by Halls of Origination:

Or these inspired by Vash'jir:

Isn't it kind of crazy that you see the colors of those Vashj earrings and just nod in agreement with the zone inspiration? I mean how ingrained are these zones, and I guess the game overall, in our mental constructs?

5. Beautiful, stunning, incredible art prints by Etsy seller SkahfeeStudios/Scott Smith.

Alliance print:

Horde print:


Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Back to normal

I am finally back in Seattle, having caught up on the sleep I didn't get for two weeks. Unfortunately, I'm going to have to do another 2 or 3 weeks worth of meetings again later in March. :( Anyways, some random updates.

1. About a month or so ago the crazy Klepsacovic and I became friends on RealID. He even came on Drenden for a bit with an alt toon in our guild. The best way that I was able to prepare my guildies for him was with "This guy is incredibly brilliant yet insane at the same time".

I think Jess asked whether this meant that they have to pretend that I am as charming as I am on my blog. To which my response was "I'm charming on the blog"? I mean seriously, right? I am many things but charming ain't one of them.

2. While I was in my two week work hell, I ended up missing a raid. I found out later that some stupid mistakes were made and that there was a wipe on trash. Jess apparently noted that he felt a little empty that he didn't get a blistering angry whisper, which would have been from yours truly.

I think several people offered to take my place, including a friend of ours on a nightelf druid alt, but Jess noted it wouldn't be the same. Come on guys, you guys should know by now to not even try to take my place there!

3. Has Lorosia been scheming with Rades offline or something? Because the other day Rades sends me this:


4. Not having to work this past weekend meant I caught up on my online time. I spent a lot of time in BGs and ended up passing the 75,000 HK mark. Boo that there is no achievement for that. I used to think that getting 100,000 HKs was out of reach, but now I'm not so sure. If I get back into a BG streak, I could see myself hitting 100,000 later this summer or early fall.

Anyways, I don't think I realized that there is a HK achievement past 100,000. Yep, 250,000 HKs gives you the title "the Bloodthirsty". But holy crap... 250k? I mean I thought 100k was insane! On the wowhead page for this achievement someone noted that if they ever see someone running after them with this title, they'd just rather jump off the cliff themselves. Either that or I'd perhaps just bow down.


Saturday, February 18, 2012

The good, the bad, and the ugly

Yes, I'm still alive. Barely though, as work has been kicking my ass the last two weeks. This past week in NC has been so insane that I had to pull an all nighter last Monday night. I haven't done that since undergrad! Anyways, next week is going to be just as crazy so I figured I might as well catch up and do a rare weekend post.

1. The good: Screenshots from weeks ago from our guild Deathwing kill.

The shorties of the guild, the gnome and the two dwarves, somehow found themselves drawn to standing together. How cute are they?

Here's me and Jess feeling somewhat overdressed:

2. The bad: When I started traveling the other week, I knew that this would again cause a huge mess with my log in. Meaning every single time I logged in via a new IP including several airports and hotels, that my account would be locked for "suspicious activity" and that I would have to reset it and pick a new password. Well this time I tried to be proactive about this issue.

I put in a ticket explaining my situation and basically asking why they can't detect a pattern of use, just like credit cards do. What I got back was a totally canned response around account recovery that had nothing to do with the question I was asking. I responded saying how disappointing it was that they clearly didn't read my original ticket and just copied and pasted a canned reply.

Maybe my response was salty enough to receive some attention because I then got a response from another blue saying "I have gone ahead and told our system for 15 days not to flag your account for the battle net secure lock". So for the purposes of my current travel, ok that works. But to have to do this every time I'm on the road? Poor.

3. The ugly: No words are needed, just a SS:


Thursday, February 2, 2012

At least I have Chuck & Beans

I've been crazy busy at work, which won't die down for another two weeks. AND I get to work all weekend! Hooray! /sarcasm. Starting next week I am traveling for work, to North Carolina, like I did for a good part of last year with my old firm. Except now I'm flying to NC from Seattle as opposed to Chicago. Sigh. I may have to be careful with this new client to make sure I'm not too sarcastic:

So I barely got to participate in Arathi Basin weekend last weekend, and I'm not sure how much I'll get to do of Eye weekend this weekend. This makes me sad.

I do hope to have enough time on Saturday to gather up some more coins for the Lunar Festival on my alt. Rades and I are trading a bunch of lanterns between our guilds so we can have the alliance and horde lanterns. We're both small 10 man guilds and surprisingly we're going to be trading 6-8 lanterns. I'm not sure if they'll end up having similar faction specific boe pets for future holidays, but I suggest you find a counterpart guild to trade with!

One more quick Chuck & Beans comic (thank goodness I still have Chuck & Beans so I can still do a short yet lame post despite being so crazy busy that I am running around like a chicken with its head cut off).

So mid February is my five year mark of playing WoW. Crazy. Maybe I can write a bit more about that in a post later. But remember when you were first playing and leveling? You just couldn't stop? I'm sure I took a "sick" day or two to play as well.

Have we matured? Has our time in the game matured? Has the game itself matured? Probably a combination of all three, but either way, a part of me misses having this feeling in WoW.