Wednesday, February 29, 2012

WoW shopping

Looking for some cute WoW items? Check out some of what I've come across lately.

1. Murloc shirt:

Speaking of murlocs I'm a bit disappointed there haven't been any updates to the Save the Murlocs campaign. Do they not need saving anymore? I beg to differ.

2. Healer shirt:

3. Soulbound cuff bracelet from Etsy seller eclecticgarden:

4. WoW inspired earrings from Etsy seller VeritasCrafts. What is cool about her earrings are that they aren't blatantly WoW labeled, but I loved how I could completely see where/how she got the zones and areas where she got her inspirations from.

Like these inspired by Halls of Origination:

Or these inspired by Vash'jir:

Isn't it kind of crazy that you see the colors of those Vashj earrings and just nod in agreement with the zone inspiration? I mean how ingrained are these zones, and I guess the game overall, in our mental constructs?

5. Beautiful, stunning, incredible art prints by Etsy seller SkahfeeStudios/Scott Smith.

Alliance print:

Horde print:


  1. Oh those prints of horde and alliance are fantastic! So tell me Keredria, what did you buy? Grata on the MMOmelting pot feature!

  2. lol...I love the bracelet. does that make me very cheesy? :P

  3. @Navimie: I know! Aren't the prints amazing?

    BTW your last comment on Gnomer's post was so cute . In your defense I did respond to it in your comment thread. :p

    @Syl: Yeah but that's ok. I'm cheesy too.