Wednesday, January 30, 2008

Living the high life...

I mentioned last week how I've started the quest chain to get the swift flight form, costing me a pretty 5,000g. I'm to the point now where I just have to run heroic Sethekk.

I've become known in the guild as the loaded one, always having money to throw around. I've had some people ask me exactly how I make money. I've mentioned my gold making ways before (i.e. fishing), but haven't divulged my full secrets. Maybe I'm just in an extra generous mood, or maybe since I've already spent my 5,000g, I don't care as much anymore... but here is how I've made money. I've made back about 1,200 g in the last 10 days, and that isn't even with K full on fishing every day. So here are the questions you may be asking...

So K, what are your professions?
K is an herbalist, alchemist, and a mad fisherwoman.

Why do you refer to yourself in the third person?
Um, because I'm a dork.

So fishing, eh?

Why? Tell me more
Ok. I fish in three main zones. Nagrand, Zangarmarsh, and Terokkar.

In Nagrand, fly to the area south of the horde base. Fish the streams south of the base and the area around the lake north of the base. Depending on the time of day, you will find pools of pure water, mudfish, and bluefish. An hour of fishing there can net me anywhere from 15 to 45 motes of water, and 20-30 mudfish and bluefish. Stacks of cooked mudfish can sell for 17.5g, bluefish about 15g on Drenden. You could sell the motes of water (Primal Water on Drenden sells for about 17g), but I save them (more below). I generally share some of what I fish up with guildies, but 1 hour of fishing in Nagrand could make me anywhere from 50-80g if I sell everything I fish.

In Zangarmarsh, you fly around the perimeter of Serpent Lake and Coilfang Reservoir. Here you'll get Zangarian Sporefish, which can be cooked up into Blackened Sporefish. Stacks sell for about 15-17.5g as well. You'll also get some steam pump debris that can be sold back to vendors for 50s each. Don't bother with the Spotted Feltail, its not really worth your time to fish to sell them. Unless you want to cook them up for yourself, into Feltail Delight for the +20 stam buff.

In Terokkar, fish the streams between Allerian Stronghold and Tuurem, mainly for Golden Darter. Stacks of them or cooked up into golden fish sticks will sell for anywhere from 15-20g. Again, I generally ignore Spotted Feltail pools. In addition, in Terokkar, you should go check out the three elevated lakes for Furious Crawdad. They will sell as is or cooked into Spicy Crawdad for about 30g per stack.

In addition to the fish, you'll get some cloth and a good number of scrolls from all three locations, which you can keep or also sell for anywhere from 1-2g each.... sometimes more for the Scrolls of Strength or Agility, generally less for Scrolls of Spirit. You'll also catch Enormous Barbed Gill Trout which can sell for about 1.5g each and Huge Spotted Feltail. One Huge Spotted Feltail can now be cooked into 6 Fisherman's Feast (it used to be only 1). A stack of 20 Fisherman's Feast can sell for about 30g, similar to the Spicy Crawdad since its the same +30 stamina buff. So one Huge Spotted Feltail is worth about 9g. I've been finding that I'm fishing them up more frequently now.

So how does alchemy come into play?
Well with all of the primal water I fish up, I save them to make Earthstorm Diamonds. Then the only mats I have to buy are Primal Earth, which is only about 3g each, and the stones which cost about 4.5g for 3 deep peridot, 3 golden draenite, and 3 shadow draenite. So I spend 10.5g in mats to create a diamond which I sell for about 65-70g. Yes, you economists out there will say that there is a time value of money involved as well around the time I spent to fish the Primal Water. But basically I'm making a good amount of money with my daily Earthstorm Diamond transmute.

Do you make any money from herbalism?
I could, but I don't. I'm currently saving all my herbs for when I drop herbalism to pick up tailoring to craft my primal mooncloth set.

Any final fishing tips?
Leveling up fishing sucks... and its boring. But its well worth it at the end. Also know that the game will only allow you to "see" a number of pool at a time. So unless you start fishing some pools, no more pools will be visible to you. When you start a fishing run, make sure you have plenty of empty bag space, I like to roll with at least 25 empty slots. I've referenced this site before, but for more specific fishing tips and locations, go to El's Extreme Anglin fishing guide site.

Well thanks K!
No problem. Happy fishing as you hear the cha-ching of your gold stacking up!


Thursday, January 24, 2008

You might be a healer if in real life...

* Your favorite color is green
* All your friends come to you for comfort and support when they need it
* You always keep yourself well hydrated
* You never used bandages... no matter what kind of cut or blister you had!
* You don’t like getting your hands dirty

lol... the above list is just a little silliness.

So I mentioned in a previous post that all of my alts are healers as well. I wonder what is it about healing to appeals to me? Is there something in my personality that lends itself towards healing?

I'm curious, do certain personality types lean towards healing? For those of you who know about and have taken the Myers Brigg Personality type, what are you? I am an INTJ. I would be curious to see whether certain classes fit more into a certain type than others. Are gamers more I than E? Healers more I than tanks? What are you?

Side note: two posts in one day! Woot!



So today, my stat counter has passed the 10,000 page load mark! Absolutely crazy.... I am hoping that I can get back into blogging a bit more frequently. I got a new job a couple of months ago which requires me to be on the road Monday-Thursday. And the hotel connections are never really good enough to be able to play WOW that well. I was helping some guildmates the other night, and was healing on a really annoying 2 or 3 second latency delay.

Over the weekend, I also started the quest chain to get swift flight form. There are a bunch of websites that detail the quest chain, such as here or here. However I would suggest a new step 1: prepare yourself to see your gold balance dip by 5,000g. Trust me, it was a really hard mouse click to agree to hand over the gold!


Friday, January 18, 2008

The best dressed folks wear cloth

I was killing some time in IF the other night, and while I was running around, there were some other players' outfits that really caught my eye. I definitely think that the cloth wearers in the game are dressed the best! I decided to see how K would look in some of them. It'd be fun (what a girl I am) if there really was a dressing room in WOW somewhere... a room like Champion's Hall where you could look up all existing gear and try it on! Because as Jess says, its all about how good you look really....


Friday, January 11, 2008

Taking all bets

Jess challenged me to a duel the other day because she wanted to test something around how she generated rage. So tell me readers... who would you put your money on to win? The fully specced tank or the fully specced healer?

Actually, I ended up winning, but probably only because I was able to root her (entangling roots FTW!) and I pvp a lot more than she was. I was surprised though, because Jess does have something like 12,000 health.


Monday, January 7, 2008

A New Year... a New WOW?

Happy 2008 everyone! Hmmm, a new year comes with many people thinking about new year resolutions. So how could typical new year resolutions be interpreted into WOW resolutions?

1. Typical new year resolution = become more social, go out more. WOW translation = pug more.
So as a well geared tank and healer, Jess and I should be running a lot more instances, even heroics, than we are. The last couple of months have been pretty slow as a number of regular guildies and friends have been away for a while. I don't know why we are so apprehensive about running more pugs. At the very least we should be running them together. We did a pug the other day of Slabs with a warlock and shadow priest. Let me just say shadow priests rock. It has made me want to level my baby level 14 priest.

2. Typical new year resolution = be more understanding, think of what it'd be like to be in someone else's shoes. WOW translation = try a completely opposite class.
I wonder whether I would be a better healer if I really knew how it was to tank, or what it is like to play a rogue or a mage. My alts are all healers, my before mentioned level 14 priest, as well as a shammy and pally who are around level 8 or 10. I wonder what it is about me (perhaps this will be a future blog post) that pushes me to healing. But I wonder if I would be a better healer by seeing what it was like in someone else's shoes.

3. Typical new year resolution = work and stress less, relax and play more. WOW translation = WOW is a game... have fun.
I think everyone has to realize what they enjoy about the game and how they want to play. Me, I'd rather not get stressed out over progression or guild drama. While I would love to see Kara one day soon (though the thought of getting 10 people working together seems daunting), little accomplishments in the game are just as fun or rewarding for me... whether that is something like winning the Stranglethorn Fishing Extravaganza, seeing how high your gold total can really go (I really need to get started on the epic druid flight form quest line and get in heroic Sethekk), or realizing that this crazy MMORPG has made you some really great friends in game who while you've never met, know you just as well or even better than some people do in real life!