Friday, January 11, 2008

Taking all bets

Jess challenged me to a duel the other day because she wanted to test something around how she generated rage. So tell me readers... who would you put your money on to win? The fully specced tank or the fully specced healer?

Actually, I ended up winning, but probably only because I was able to root her (entangling roots FTW!) and I pvp a lot more than she was. I was surprised though, because Jess does have something like 12,000 health.


  1. Over 12k _unbuffed_ thank you very much! I'd probably lose to any other class/spec, but at least I won't go down quick!

    K has promised to introduce me to the Eye of the Storm BG so that I might get my hands on the Gladiator's Shield Wall or whatever it's called -- a bit of an upgrade from my Netherwing Protector's Shield. It will be interesting I am sure.

  2. Yeah, them roots be a real pain. I's learning ta hate'em in PvP.

    @J the T - That shield's real nice. I's workin' on gettin' one too. I found the Eye were real easy to get the hang of, so you shouldn't have no problems.

  3. Druids are a pain for any warrior, and even more so for a Prot warrior... we barely do more damage than what they can heal with a HoT...

    Plus, roots+cyclone is way, way OP :P