Friday, January 18, 2008

The best dressed folks wear cloth

I was killing some time in IF the other night, and while I was running around, there were some other players' outfits that really caught my eye. I definitely think that the cloth wearers in the game are dressed the best! I decided to see how K would look in some of them. It'd be fun (what a girl I am) if there really was a dressing room in WOW somewhere... a room like Champion's Hall where you could look up all existing gear and try it on! Because as Jess says, its all about how good you look really....


  1. If you like playing dress up (and who doesn't?), you should download the WoW Model Viewer ( It will let you put your character into whatever outfits you can envision. It also LOOKS way better than what you can do with the in-game dressing room and lets you pose your character in any one of the existing animations. Truly, truly awesome. =)

  2. Aha! So that is what you were doing in IF all that time -- taking screen shots.

    I'd like to see blacksmiths, tailors, and leatherworkers be able to change the _color_ of gear. I couldn't care less about weapon glow but I don't want to

  3. I second the Modelviewer.

    I love dressing up my character. I sometimes keep certain items just because they look good.

    Currently my tanking gear looks best on my main (t4 helm and heavy clefthoof match quite ok). My cat gear looks ridiculous with that skirt, the rogue shoulders and that feather breastplate. Don't get me started on my healing gear.

    But I have also found some fun outfits for low level characters. My little shadow priest is dressed in an all "Aurora" set while my very little paladin is wearing "Burnished" items only.

    I get tells in IF and in BGs with my priestess how awesome she looks.

    My druid alt was wearing a set of matching red and green stuff for a long time until I truly outleveled that equipment.

    There are some pretty leather items though that seem to be made to be worn together and I am not talking about set lookalikes. The Boots of the Glade-Keeper, the Gloves of Living Touch and the Hood of Primal Life go very well together, I just haven't found the rest of those "green" healing items yet ;)

  4. Modelviewer huh? I should check it out.

    I can't wait until we get to change our hair styles. I started K with her braid because I didn't want her hair to get in her face while healing. I thought the braid may be low fuss. But now I'd like to change it up a bit. See the yellow outfit she tried on? Doesn't that look Princess Leia like? It'd be fun for whoever wearing that to do their hair in the double buns.

  5. You can still try out most items to see how they look using wowwiki and the ctrl+click feature.

    Look up wowwiki for any item you want. Let's say shoulderpads of renewed life.

    Now click on "Get in game link" and you get
    /script DEFAULT_CHAT_FRAME:AddMessage("Shift-click this link to put into chat: \124cffa335ee\124Hitem:32583:0:0:0:0:0:0:0\124h[Shoulderpads of Renewed Life]\124h\124r");

    Now copy paste the above in your game's chat window. You will get a link to that item.

    Ctrl+click that link and you will see how you look when equipped :P


  6. Though you can use the Wowhead links to view any item in game, I have to give another vote to the Modelviewer. I just downloaded it today and I'm addicted! (I suspect my blog will have an all-screenshot entry coming soon...)