Thursday, October 25, 2012

This clam shell is out of control!

I was flying back to Seattle last night when I got an email that Nikolai had sent to the guild. There's nothing I can really say to prepare you for it, though I guess yesterday's post should have warned you. You just have to read it. So here's Nikolai's story:

So there I was, minding my own business (as usual) when I get a whisper from Lorosia asking to meet on some Pandaren beach at night.

Being somewhat dubious of Lorosia's intent (let's face it - Lorosia ACTS all like "Oh Nik... have no interest whatsoever..." - but I think we KNOW the real deal)...

It's funny how being in private with someone they can be totally different, y'know? I kept telling Lorosia " are seeing someone…this isn't right!"

Lorosia would not take no for an I had no choice - I caved and gave in to Lorosia's advances.

Now - being somewhat prone to "naturalism" as I am…merely being naked was not nearly enough for me to cross the line Lorosia so desperately wanted me to Lorosia played dirty and displayed the inherent masculine side of his toon.

I cannot lie - such a burly expression of power coaxed a response in kind from me...

But that wasn't what Lorosia wanted to Lorosia demanded some tail...I didn't WANT to do that - I just couldn't help myself...

Something about the combination of a burly dwarfish woman coupled with the intense charge of commanded exhibition and the next thing I know, I lose all control. Lorosia was not prepared

That's right...Nik began to "ride that donkey donkey!" And even though the tastefully placed air bubble tried to hide what was in store for Lorosia, the fear became overwhelming. (Of course it did…there is nothing more intimidating than a Draenei in full rut, after all!) Lorosia, realizing this was far more than could be handled screamed "Stop!"

I yelled back "Is this NOT what you wanted?!"

WIth a whimper...Lorosia ran away and I learned valuable lesson - many may want the Nik, but few are prepared to handle

The end.

I've long said that Nik needs to do guest posts on my blog, and now you know why! And I swear, this shell is taking over our guild!


Wednesday, October 24, 2012

I can't handle the hawtness

Quick post since I am traveling for work this week in San Antonio. Sidenote, how the heck can it be 90 degrees at the end of October? Craziness.

Anyways, so last weekend we did a guild run through heroic Mogu'Shan Palace and decided to go after the achieve to find 5 Jade Quilen. We got to the very last one and you have to jump off a mailbox like thing to grab it mid air.

I don't know why it was so funny to me. You know how when you laugh so hard that you actually don't hear any laughing? Yeah that was me. I was dying. But come on, watching a gnome and a dwarf repeatedly jump off a mailbox with their little legs, trying to grab this item? Look how high it was!

I was no help whatsoever. Instead of helping them as they kept jumping off the mailbox, I was dying of laughter. We did get it though. Ironically it was either the dwarf of the gnome who got it.

Also when Rades did this post a couple weeks ago about Gokk'lok's Shell, I made sure to point my guildies to it.

Apparently my guildies think that they can give Fabulor's hawtness a run for the money. Thus I present Exhibit A, the big Draenei beefcake:

And Exhibit B, the cute female Panda:

I'm working on Exhibits C and D, getting a mage and dwarf to share their sexiness as well.

Finally, we're still looking for a guildie or two to start raiding with us soon. The post I specifically wrote about it is here, but if you're looking for a guild where the healer will just laugh at you instead of helping on an achievement and one where we stand around being sexy in clam shells, we're the guild for you.


Tuesday, October 16, 2012

A farewell raid for Nico

I had hoped to be able to post this last week, but it ended up being a pretty crazy week at work, which is my prime blogging time. Then this past weekend, I was visiting a friend in New Mexico. So this post is later than I had hoped, but better late than never, right?

Sunday Oct 7th was our farewell raid for Nico who is moving overseas. We kind of decided on the date only a day or two earlier, but I was pleased that most of our core raid group ended up being able to make it.

I asked Nico what raid he wanted to do and he said his farewell raid with us would be Ulduar. Ulduar was the very first raid he came with us for, thus to bring it full circle, it would be his last raid with us as well.

Heading back into Ulduar is always a good time. There's a sense of grandeur that I get from Ulduar that I don't quite get from the more recent raids.

Throughout the raid we told past stories about Nico, so in that sense it turned into a semi roast of sorts. Here we are under Thorim, who I will always associate with Nico due to his "in the mountains" speech:

And a screenshot with Jess and I:

I've long stated that the area going down in Vezax is my absolute favorite of any WoW raid, ever. As many times as I've gone through there, it still takes my breath away:

A final shot with most of our raiders from that night (I think a couple were afk and off screen).

All in all it was kind of a bittersweet raid for me. I was really sad at the end when everyone voiced their farewells over vent. But as I let Nico know the other night, we'll still be able to do crossrealm heroics and such as our schedules and time differences allow.


Monday, October 8, 2012

Can't even begin to express the awesome...

... that is this video from this past Saturday's half time show by The Ohio State University's Marching Band.

Even if you skip through a bit of it, make sure you don't miss what starts at the 6:00 mark. Prepare for your mind to be blown.

I still don't understand why Ohio State insists on the The in front of their name, but their marching band is so full of win!


Tuesday, October 2, 2012

Quick recruitment post

I really did not think (perhaps the think was more twinged with hope) that we were going to have to recruit for MoP. But the expansion has been out a week and its now clear that we will need probably two more folks to join us.

I think I've posted recruitment posts on this blog perhaps 3 or 4 times over the past 5+ years. While not everyone has worked out, most recently a recruitment post here brought us Chanti and Lolret so I'm keeping my fingers crossed. Yes even pallys joining us is a good thing.

So a quick overview. We run 10 mans and raid twice a week for a total of 5 hours each week. Our raid nights are Thursday and Sunday, 9:30-12 EST. I would characterize us as adults (our average age is 30+) who want to see the content, but also have jobs, children, significant others, and other hobbies to attend to (hence the 5 hour a week raid time).

Now that definitely isn't to say that our folks dont know how to play. Many of our guildies have been in hardcore 25 man raids in the past. People know what they're doing. But folks just want a bit of a less strenuous raid environment.

If you've read my blog before, the other thing I'll note around the guild is that we're really a family. Jess and I are the guild mom and dad and all the guildies are our kids. There's a lot of good natured ribbing and many of us have gotten together in that crazy little thing called real life during one of our four Clawcons.

So again... the basics, 10 man raiding, Thursday and Sunday, 9:30-12 EST. Class/role is open because we're really more looking for the kind of person who would fit in with us rather than a specific class. But if you heal, that'd be a bonus. If you don't, no worries. I promise I will tear myself away from Pet Battles to heal you a bit. Just a bit though.

Send me a note (email is on my profile) if you want to talk more and we'll find a time to chat through Battletags and/or on vent with Jess.