Tuesday, October 16, 2012

A farewell raid for Nico

I had hoped to be able to post this last week, but it ended up being a pretty crazy week at work, which is my prime blogging time. Then this past weekend, I was visiting a friend in New Mexico. So this post is later than I had hoped, but better late than never, right?

Sunday Oct 7th was our farewell raid for Nico who is moving overseas. We kind of decided on the date only a day or two earlier, but I was pleased that most of our core raid group ended up being able to make it.

I asked Nico what raid he wanted to do and he said his farewell raid with us would be Ulduar. Ulduar was the very first raid he came with us for, thus to bring it full circle, it would be his last raid with us as well.

Heading back into Ulduar is always a good time. There's a sense of grandeur that I get from Ulduar that I don't quite get from the more recent raids.

Throughout the raid we told past stories about Nico, so in that sense it turned into a semi roast of sorts. Here we are under Thorim, who I will always associate with Nico due to his "in the mountains" speech:

And a screenshot with Jess and I:

I've long stated that the area going down in Vezax is my absolute favorite of any WoW raid, ever. As many times as I've gone through there, it still takes my breath away:

A final shot with most of our raiders from that night (I think a couple were afk and off screen).

All in all it was kind of a bittersweet raid for me. I was really sad at the end when everyone voiced their farewells over vent. But as I let Nico know the other night, we'll still be able to do crossrealm heroics and such as our schedules and time differences allow.


  1. A very fine bunch of people. Greatly do I miss them, now that I am gone...

  2. Take care brutha. Stay in touch...I may be in your "neck of the woods" sometime in the next year. I'll let ya know.