Wednesday, October 24, 2012

I can't handle the hawtness

Quick post since I am traveling for work this week in San Antonio. Sidenote, how the heck can it be 90 degrees at the end of October? Craziness.

Anyways, so last weekend we did a guild run through heroic Mogu'Shan Palace and decided to go after the achieve to find 5 Jade Quilen. We got to the very last one and you have to jump off a mailbox like thing to grab it mid air.

I don't know why it was so funny to me. You know how when you laugh so hard that you actually don't hear any laughing? Yeah that was me. I was dying. But come on, watching a gnome and a dwarf repeatedly jump off a mailbox with their little legs, trying to grab this item? Look how high it was!

I was no help whatsoever. Instead of helping them as they kept jumping off the mailbox, I was dying of laughter. We did get it though. Ironically it was either the dwarf of the gnome who got it.

Also when Rades did this post a couple weeks ago about Gokk'lok's Shell, I made sure to point my guildies to it.

Apparently my guildies think that they can give Fabulor's hawtness a run for the money. Thus I present Exhibit A, the big Draenei beefcake:

And Exhibit B, the cute female Panda:

I'm working on Exhibits C and D, getting a mage and dwarf to share their sexiness as well.

Finally, we're still looking for a guildie or two to start raiding with us soon. The post I specifically wrote about it is here, but if you're looking for a guild where the healer will just laugh at you instead of helping on an achievement and one where we stand around being sexy in clam shells, we're the guild for you.


  1. Best recruitment post ever. Also IT'S ON, THE LEFT CLAW!! If I ever see one of you in the field, CLAM SHELL SHOWDOWN!

  2. I also got that Jade Quillen achieve, in a pug actually! We randomly got 4 of the 5 dogs, so decided to stick around after and find the last one, which was the jumping one. It was really funny seeing 5 strangers hop like mad at that ledge, trying to click on that tiny statuette. We got it in the end though! Fabulor's fast hands. ;)

  3. @Rades: (/cue authoritative Thorim like voice) Who dares to challenge The Left Claw's sexiness?

    You can challenge our honor, but our sexiness?!? I don't think we can stand for that! Hmmm... while other guilds are doing rated BGs, TTGF and The Left Claw are going to have Sexy Face-offs in Dalaran.

    I am curious to see some other races in the clam shell. An undead would what, show more bones? And while I can't wait to see the gnome, I have a feeling that I might be a little disturbed by it.

    @everyone: If any of you have screenshots of races that haven't been screenshotted yet, please send them to me. I'm dying to know what they look like.

  4. Welcome to Texas, K, or as I like to call it, a little slice of hell on earth.