Tuesday, October 2, 2012

Quick recruitment post

I really did not think (perhaps the think was more twinged with hope) that we were going to have to recruit for MoP. But the expansion has been out a week and its now clear that we will need probably two more folks to join us.

I think I've posted recruitment posts on this blog perhaps 3 or 4 times over the past 5+ years. While not everyone has worked out, most recently a recruitment post here brought us Chanti and Lolret so I'm keeping my fingers crossed. Yes even pallys joining us is a good thing.

So a quick overview. We run 10 mans and raid twice a week for a total of 5 hours each week. Our raid nights are Thursday and Sunday, 9:30-12 EST. I would characterize us as adults (our average age is 30+) who want to see the content, but also have jobs, children, significant others, and other hobbies to attend to (hence the 5 hour a week raid time).

Now that definitely isn't to say that our folks dont know how to play. Many of our guildies have been in hardcore 25 man raids in the past. People know what they're doing. But folks just want a bit of a less strenuous raid environment.

If you've read my blog before, the other thing I'll note around the guild is that we're really a family. Jess and I are the guild mom and dad and all the guildies are our kids. There's a lot of good natured ribbing and many of us have gotten together in that crazy little thing called real life during one of our four Clawcons.

So again... the basics, 10 man raiding, Thursday and Sunday, 9:30-12 EST. Class/role is open because we're really more looking for the kind of person who would fit in with us rather than a specific class. But if you heal, that'd be a bonus. If you don't, no worries. I promise I will tear myself away from Pet Battles to heal you a bit. Just a bit though.

Send me a note (email is on my profile) if you want to talk more and we'll find a time to chat through Battletags and/or on vent with Jess.


  1. I've enjoyed playing with these guys and gals for 3 years now. A bunch of very special crazies, to be sure. I whole-heartedly recommend to people interested in this guild to give them a shot... you won't be disappointed. Bonus points if you're a resto shaman or holy priest, since K lurves her Mana Tide Totem/Hymn of Hope! (And make no mistake, it will be HERS, and not yours.)

  2. Best of luck with your recruitment. This blog is one of my favorites for really portraying the humor of the guild. I helped found my own guild to get the right social atmosphere, but if I was looking to move, I'd consider you! Which is high praise considering you're dirty dirty Alliance folk. ; )

  3. @Nico: I totally think that is a very good description of us.... a bunch of very special crazies!

    @ambient: That is high praise coming from a Hordie!

    @Jen: Awww yeah that sucks... there are so many folks on EU I'd love to play with!

  4. FYI - I absolutely protest-in-advance ANY attempt to give new recruits 30 days of immunity from me upon joining.

  5. @ Nikolai: It's either that or a 30-day supply of Rocephin for the inevitable infections you give away like a drunk Santa tossing off unwanted trinkets at a office Christmas party...

  6. @Nicolause: I'm sure we can distract him with the various hands/fists/kneeling in my spellbook.

  7. Lorosia's spellbook is teh hawt!