Thursday, October 25, 2012

This clam shell is out of control!

I was flying back to Seattle last night when I got an email that Nikolai had sent to the guild. There's nothing I can really say to prepare you for it, though I guess yesterday's post should have warned you. You just have to read it. So here's Nikolai's story:

So there I was, minding my own business (as usual) when I get a whisper from Lorosia asking to meet on some Pandaren beach at night.

Being somewhat dubious of Lorosia's intent (let's face it - Lorosia ACTS all like "Oh Nik... have no interest whatsoever..." - but I think we KNOW the real deal)...

It's funny how being in private with someone they can be totally different, y'know? I kept telling Lorosia " are seeing someone…this isn't right!"

Lorosia would not take no for an I had no choice - I caved and gave in to Lorosia's advances.

Now - being somewhat prone to "naturalism" as I am…merely being naked was not nearly enough for me to cross the line Lorosia so desperately wanted me to Lorosia played dirty and displayed the inherent masculine side of his toon.

I cannot lie - such a burly expression of power coaxed a response in kind from me...

But that wasn't what Lorosia wanted to Lorosia demanded some tail...I didn't WANT to do that - I just couldn't help myself...

Something about the combination of a burly dwarfish woman coupled with the intense charge of commanded exhibition and the next thing I know, I lose all control. Lorosia was not prepared

That's right...Nik began to "ride that donkey donkey!" And even though the tastefully placed air bubble tried to hide what was in store for Lorosia, the fear became overwhelming. (Of course it did…there is nothing more intimidating than a Draenei in full rut, after all!) Lorosia, realizing this was far more than could be handled screamed "Stop!"

I yelled back "Is this NOT what you wanted?!"

WIth a whimper...Lorosia ran away and I learned valuable lesson - many may want the Nik, but few are prepared to handle

The end.

I've long said that Nik needs to do guest posts on my blog, and now you know why! And I swear, this shell is taking over our guild!


  1. Looks like you should flip the W in your guild name upside-down...

    I can see TTGF has some work to do. This means (clam) war!

  2. @ Rades: Fabulor is an inspiration - even if he is a Blood Elf, and by virtue of that alone, a complete bottom. ;-)

  3. ::collapsed in laughter::

  4. Sam/Nik/Hawt/HO, you are my favorite bottom! You big bear!

    With much delayed tenderness, Sym

  5. Angels and ministers of grace, protect those from the Nik...

  6. Long time reader - rare poster (although I do feel responsible for putting Rades in contact with you after he put a call out on twitter for druid pvp healers).

    Love the posts, and a special shout of love to Nik for the awesome posting. Long live the shell!