Friday, November 9, 2012

Pet battling in flight and a WoW wedding

Still around, though a busy two weeks of traveling for work has me very much behind in blogging and blog reading. I've flown 56k miles so far this year and I anticipate another 15k the rest of this year. Someone noted to me the other day that the circumference of the earth is 25k miles. So by the end of the year I will have flown the equivalent of almost 3 times around the world. /boggle and /needtobedonewithconsulting.

With tons of travel the last two weeks, my guildies have gotten used to my weekly habit of logging in during flight. The strength of the inflight internet access varies from flight to flight so sometimes I am limited to what I can do. But at the very least I can pet battle at 30,000 feet since latency isn't a big deal there. You will wait for my next move Pet... deal with it!

However I don't have enough room on my tray table to use my mouse, which means I can't really maneuver around while flying. I just have my keybind to switch into flight form, the space bar to fly up, then the same key bind to switch out of flight form. So to all those who have been surprised by a druid crashing out of the sky next to you, I apologize. And yes, I have died from this. :)

Now last weekend, I did fly back to Seattle to attend Beru's wedding. It blew my mind for a second that here was a wedding of two people who met through WoW and I was there because I met Beru through blogging about WoW. Those of you in your 30s may remember how 10 years ago meeting someone through online dating was kind of different and novel. I believe in another 5 years, this whole meeting someone through online gaming is going to be just as common and accepted as online dating is today.

Anyways, I was so honored to be at their wedding. I'm not sure how much Beru noticed this, but I was struck by how Brade was looking at her all night... it was a look where I could clearly see that she is his whole world. It was incredibly sweet.

I am back home for four days next week (hello my own bed!) so I hope to catch up here. We have officially started raiding so I probably should blog about that. Here's a preview: No mana = cranky tree.

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    I was equally as honored that you were able to attend!