Tuesday, April 17, 2012

A gnome becomes noble

Once upon a time there was a cute gnome priest. (Using the words cute and gnome are completely redundant, but that's besides the point.) Anyways, this gnome, Kakigori... she was working on finishing up the Noblegarden holiday achievement. After collecting all the eggs she needed, she set out to get all achiev-ery and earn the noble title.

Planting flowers in deserts? Done. Kissing someone wearing a pink dress? Done. Hiding an egg in Stormwind? Done.

Now while Kaki was getting her achieve on, she was keeping her eye out so that she was always at the ready to shake her bunny maker. Ooh! A female blood elf in Un'goro's Golakka Hot Springs! /use Spring Flowers. Oh, a female Troll in Gadgetzan? /poof bunny ears! Look! A female Tauren in Dalaran! /shake her little gnome bootie!

To find her last Horde females, brave little Kakigori jumped into a number of Alterac Valleys to try to track them down. What's worse then being bunny eared before dying at the hands of a high pitched gnome giggle? Not much, I tell ya, not much. Anyways, she found some success by coming across a female undead and goblin.

This only left the holy grail of this achievement, the elusive female orc. In a number of AVs, she saw a flash of green underneath PvP armor and quickly used her spring flowers, only to discover she was hasty in her shaking and ended up bunny earing male orcs. /sigh. So her quest continued.

After some more unsuccessful AVs Kakigori learned a couple of things. There are a lot of female blood elves. Lots. More hearts for Fabulor to break, she thought. But Kaki also began to feel a bit sad for Thrall because clearly the population of female orcs was close to nil. Poor Thrall she thought.

While she was contemplating this thought, her friend Rades logged on. Ooh! Now Rades is a big manly orc hunter and on her same server! Perhaps he has the inside track on where the orc ladies hang out! So Kakigori asked Rades for some help and the next chapter in her quest began.

First Rades shared that there was a female orc somewhere in Ashenvale, though she was afk. So both Kakigori and Rades spent a while flying all around Ashenvale looking for her. Perhaps she was camouflaged well, but she was nowhere to be found. Then Rades noted that there was a female orc in Razor Hill. When Kakigori got there, she found a female orc running around collecting eggs. Oh! Finally! The elusive female orc!

Nooooeees! Poor little Kakigori couldn't use her spring flowers on the orc because she had already turned into a bunny during her egg hunting. /sigh again. After another unsuccessful quest for a female orc in AV, she got word from Rades that there was a female orc in Dalaran!

She took her little gnome legs as fast as they would take her and got herself to Dal, and alas! A female orc! On the steps of the north bank! /shake what her momma gave her! And finally! Kakigori is noble!

Kakigori made sure to thank her good friend Rades for spending all that time helping her track down female orcs. Though given he is an orc himself, Kakigori wondered whether he might also be expanding the number of names in his little black book of female orcs. Hmmm she thought, with /suspicious eyes.

And everyone lived happily ever after.

The End.


Friday, April 13, 2012

Bunnehs and tree humor

It's been a crazy week as Im back in NC for work for a while. Blogging and WoW playing will be at a minimum for another couple of weeks, pretty much only on the weekends.

So Noblegarden. I did take last weekend to grind out the 500 chocolates needed to get K her pet. I knew I could be saving myself the trouble by waiting until later in the week when others were done, but I knew with my crazy work schedule that I would have minimal time this week.

But ugh. Just ugh. So much so that my usual favorite treat of Annie's bunneh grahams made me a little "meh" the other night:

Though perhaps I have a case of amnesia and have already forgotten how horrible it was because I am considering finishing up the grind on my priest tonight/tomorrow. Hmmm.

Anyways, I leave you guys with tree humor.

Hahahaha... sigh.


Friday, April 6, 2012


Look! It's a tree in a tree! Tree^2!

I often end up with serious lag at the Darkmoon Faire, to the point that this where I ended up while doing the Cannonball daily one day.

Here I look a little freaked out (perhaps threatened by the foliage around me?), trying to find a way down:

I must say the background matched my PvP gear at the time pretty well:

These pics just made me realize that apparently the trees in Darkmoon are perpetually in a state of Fall/Autumn. So anyways Darkmoon Faire. Are you guys still doing it? I'm still at it trying to get the second mount, but the dedication to do it every day seems to have fallen off a bit within our guild. Perhaps it wouldn't be as bad if the damn daily quests weren't so annoying.

How is it that they designed them so that its nearly impossible to do them in one shot (besides the one where you throw the ring on the turtle)? I can do the whackamole in one shot about 50% of the time, the Tonk Commander less frequently, maybe 30%, and the Cannonball daily even less (see exhibit 1-3 to support this above). But I don't think I have never done the shooting daily in one shot. Grrr. So annoying.