Friday, November 30, 2012

Why is it...

... that I feel I have to watch my back when I walk by Buckley's (which is on my daily walk to work when I am in town) in Seattle's Belltown neighborhood?

And so ends November... a crazy month where I believe I slept something like 8 nights in my own bed here in Seattle.

I haven't kept up with my blog reading this month, but just from looking at the bold blogs in Google Reader WoW folder, it seems that the blogsophere has been a bit quiet as well. I wonder if that is due to the holidays or whether the blogs I follow (most of which I've followed for 3+ years) are in a phase where they are moving away from either the game or their blog.

I said this years ago and I'll say it again. I think Twitter has significantly affected blogging. It's an alternate outlet where you can easily put out immediate brain dumps without feeling the need to substantiate it into perhaps a full post. I can see how it has affected blog output in the past couple years and I seriously wonder whether there will be any blogs left in another couple years.

Overall though why the decrease in blog posts? Do you think its Twitter? Is it just the maturation of the game itself? Perhaps just selection bias (aren't you proud of that statistics reference there Jess) due to the blogs I've followed for years, with those bloggers evolving into a different phase of their life or game play? A combination of all three?

So yes, I've wondered lately whether after 5+ years, I still have anything left to say and whether I want to keep this blog. Sometimes I waver back and forth on it. But then I realize that I've long ago given up on feeling pressured to provide anything of value or substance on this blog on a somewhat regular basis (for stuff like that go see Beru).

But at the end of the day, this blog started as a personal diary of not only my game play, but my crazy but lovable guild. So even as my life, my WoW play, or the WoW blogosphere changes, I think this blog will still be around.


  1. I think it's because of the blogs you read. I notice this very sharply in my own RSS reader - not WoW related, but the same "symptoms". Back when I started blogging and it was a novelty in Romania, there were just a bunch of us. We had a couple of years of really active posting (which is actually how I met my current bf!). Now (8ish years later), only a handful of those people are still posting, which means my "Romania" folder in Google Reader is almost empty. The blogosphere is all alive and well though - I just don't know any of the new blogs.

  2. @Jen: Mmmm perhaps. But for me I think I have less opportunity to find out about these new blogs. It used to be that people would do blog posts with links to good posts or blogs to read. Now folks just retweet them on Twitter, which I'm not on. So in part I find myself less exposed to new bloggers.

    I also think that the old bloggers that we added to our readers back in the day, there was some sort of bond between us around all being new bloggers at the same time. I wonder if I would "connect" with a new blogger today in the same way. While yes I read blogs for content, I primarily read them for some sort of connection to the blogger.

    I mean I'm in a way still waiting for Kae of Dreambound to do her raid strat comics. Names like Phaelia, Keeva, Bellwether, and Kae still mean a lot to me. But if there are new druid or non druid bloggers that you guys think I should definitely be reading, please let me know!

  3. It's also NaNoWriMo this month, so a lot of people are divesting a good deal of writing energy to that! I took part the last few years, so I'm treating myself to a bit of a vacation this November and taking it easy instead. :)