Saturday, February 18, 2012

The good, the bad, and the ugly

Yes, I'm still alive. Barely though, as work has been kicking my ass the last two weeks. This past week in NC has been so insane that I had to pull an all nighter last Monday night. I haven't done that since undergrad! Anyways, next week is going to be just as crazy so I figured I might as well catch up and do a rare weekend post.

1. The good: Screenshots from weeks ago from our guild Deathwing kill.

The shorties of the guild, the gnome and the two dwarves, somehow found themselves drawn to standing together. How cute are they?

Here's me and Jess feeling somewhat overdressed:

2. The bad: When I started traveling the other week, I knew that this would again cause a huge mess with my log in. Meaning every single time I logged in via a new IP including several airports and hotels, that my account would be locked for "suspicious activity" and that I would have to reset it and pick a new password. Well this time I tried to be proactive about this issue.

I put in a ticket explaining my situation and basically asking why they can't detect a pattern of use, just like credit cards do. What I got back was a totally canned response around account recovery that had nothing to do with the question I was asking. I responded saying how disappointing it was that they clearly didn't read my original ticket and just copied and pasted a canned reply.

Maybe my response was salty enough to receive some attention because I then got a response from another blue saying "I have gone ahead and told our system for 15 days not to flag your account for the battle net secure lock". So for the purposes of my current travel, ok that works. But to have to do this every time I'm on the road? Poor.

3. The ugly: No words are needed, just a SS:


  1. I actually laughed out loud at that last screenshot. Indeed, no words are needed.

  2. I like that Nkm logged off asap in pure fear after solving it

  3. Yeah, I'm shocked I got any heals at all the next raid after that.

  4. @Nkm: Nah, bro... I had you covered. ;)