Friday, October 12, 2007

Healing gear update

I've been able to upgrade my neck, hand, and ring since I last posted my gear. Also I'm listing both MP5 rates (not casting/casting).

All stats unbuffed, no potions, no food, no scrolls, no nothing!
Level: 70
Health: 6114
Mana: 7235
Intellect: 343
Spirit: 277
+Healing: 848
+MP5: 222/60

Weapon: [The Essence Focuser]

Off-hand: [Unearthed Orb]

Idol: [Harold's Rejuvenating Broach]

Head: [Mistyreed Hood of the Physician]

Neck: [Natasha's Guardian Cord]

Shoulders: [Pauldrons of Arcane Rage]

Back: [Cloak of Healing Rays]

Chest: [Lifewarden's Breastplate]

Wrists: [Goldenvine Wraps]

Hands: [Gloves of Penitence]

Waist: [Boneshredder Belt of the Hierophant]

Legs: [Haramad's Leggings of the Third Coin]

Feet: [Swamprunner's Boots]

Ring: [Holy Healing Band]

Ring: [Celestial Jewel Ring]

Trinket: [Osu'gun Relic]

Trinket: [Glowing Crystal Insignia]


  1. Hehe, all your links go to wowhead's main page and not the actual item. The on-hover works but if anyone is reading the blog in google reader (as I was) or another reader the won't be able to click them and see the item.

  2. Yay!

    Tanking Lesson #1: Find a good healer.

    Done! Keredria is the kind of healer that makes being a tank fun. Kudos to K.

  3. Delos... yeah, I'm not quite adept at this stuff to figure out how to change that. I just copied the instructions from okoloth's blog. If you find another way, definitely let me know!

    Thanks Jess. What's cool about Jess is that she will run around with me to get me healing gear. Because as she says, a healing gear upgrade for me is sort of like an upgrade for her as well. The better I heal, the better she can tank!

  4. I just wanted to put in, great work on your blog K! I remember looking over here once when Phaelia had just announced you opened this blog, and I'm impressed. I might make my own blog some day, and then you'll have to teach me your secrets! ^.-

    Second, I was glancing at your gear, and again- great improvement! However, if you don't mind instance grinding there is a great staff in there for healers, that I use for my resto druid.

    Good luck, K, I'll be sure to stop in again! :)

  5. Thanks Luarana! Yes, blogging has been fun. Though seriously I'm sure Phaelia has cooler blogging secrets than I do!

    Ooohh shiny staff... will definitely put it on my wish it.