Monday, October 1, 2007

D and our time zone differences

So you guys have heard a lot about our tanky (not skanky) tank Jess, let's meet our crazy pvp loving, sappity sap rogue and GM (though his official guild rank is Psycho), Daihiro.

Now D is the only one of us out in the East Coast. We have a number of West Coasters, and I'm in the heartland of America, on good old CST. This means that when we run instances, D is up the latest. Add to that the fact that I believe he games in a very comfortable chair and works a sometimes crazy work schedule, D sometimes falls asleep in the middle of an instance. It's become somewhat of a guild joke.

Well it happened again Friday night in a guild run of Auch Crypts, where D spent the night by himself. Fortunately it was after we finished the instance. The SS isn't all that clear, but basically it looks like D has been punished and sent to face the naughty corner. As a guild, we know that D has fallen asleep when he starts just running into some wall. I think this will change when we get voice, because then we can try to talk to him to wake him up. Anyone else have guild time zone differences?

Just so D's backside isn't all you see, here's another pic of D.

Finally we had a group wipe in Crypts on Friday and I got a SS of the sad carnage. We nightelves die a pretty dramatic death as well! (Aaargh! Plop.)


  1. LOL! Poor D. Daihiro is quite aggressive (particularly for a rogue) and chatty so it is fairly obvious when he's starting to fall asleep, so we saw it coming and kept talking to him in party chat to try to keep him awake.

  2. Hahahahah Aw thanks guys. Yes a bit of narcalypsey, but in my defense I uh....well..... uhhh....hmmm.....I was tired? lol.
    See ya down in the rut.