Thursday, October 4, 2007

You knew this already... but we rock!

- Gamers are better at handling risk and uncertainty. (Ok... you want to run X with no idea how the boss fights work and the group geared in quest reward greens and blues.)

- Gamers are more creative and have better problem solving skills. (Maybe we can just all sneak, stealth, prowl around that guy?)

- Gamers are more sociable and have a greater need for human relationships. (I just really love meeting new and fun people through PUGS!)

- Gamers think of themselves as experts and want to tackle problems head-on. (Duel me, duel me, duel me, duel me.... I TOTALLY PWNED YOU NOOB!)

- Gamers aren’t discouraged by failure and believe each setback is just a chance to try again. (Sure, lets just continue to wipe on this boss 10 times over when its clear we're undergeared.)

- Gamers are more flexible about change. (No! We have to have exactly this class do exactly this at exactly this point in this fight. No other strategy will work.)

- Gamers are better at seeing problems in a deeper perspective. (I'm still not running Kara/Gruul/SSC! I/my guild/the game sucks. I quit.)

- Gamers are great at learning in informal ways. (Hey, look it up on wowhead, tthotbot, allakhazam.)

- Gamers are more globally oriented and outwardlooking. (Yeah, Im totally global. I bought gold from those farmers in China.)

- Gamers are more confident and have a more positive outlook on life. (You knew this already... but we rock!)

Source: article in the New York Times that talked about this book published by Harvard Business School Press.

Source of italicized text: K's smart ass WOW responses.


  1. There there K (pat pat). I'm sorry somebody undercut your fish again on the AH (hope it wasn't me!). Here's a stack of lures -- go fishing.

  2. I just thought it was funny because all of these traits that this "research" said was good about gamers, we can all think of how it could be a not so good trait as well.

    I'm feeling feisty. Maybe I will have to challenge you to a fishing tournament duel! :p