Tuesday, October 16, 2007

K + PvP = What in the?!?!

So I hardly ever PvP. Prior to last night I had I believe like 15 honor points. However last night, we did the Ring of Blood quest series in Nagrand and afterwards, Daihiro found some PvP action in Halaa to get in on. I swear, Daihiro can smell good PvP action 10 miles away. Daihiro is to PvP as bees are to flowers. You get the idea.

Well as Daihiro jumps right in, we couldn't just leave him, so Atania, Jess, and I got in with him. Ok, I am so bad at PvP. Not just because I am a noob at PvPing as a resto druid and was in my full somewhat squishy healing gear, but because dealing with real people is so much different that dealing with computer operated mobs. You serious PvPers have some mad skill. And am I right in that resto druids aren't played that often in arenas?

It was hard, annoying, and amusing trying to chase after this warlock who I swear was running faster and crazier than anyone I've ever seen. This did allow me to actually do some ranged damage in a group situation, which never happens! You should have seen how excited I was to be able to nuke these guys to finally take them down. I had to exclaim, "OMG I actually killed him!"


  1. LOL! This morning I put an entry on Pretty in Plate saying more or less the same thing.

  2. Ok this is not the first time that Jess and I have been thinking or done the same thing at the same time. We must share the same brain wave or something... or we're just taking the tank-healer bond to the next psychic level.

  3. Actually Restoration is widely considered the top-performing spec for Druids who participate in Arenas. So much so that the official PvP forum is filled with cries of "NERF PILLAR HUMPING, INSTA-HOTTING, CYCLONE-SPAMMING RESTO DRUIDS!!!" Heehee.

  4. As the above poster has mentioned, resto druids are currently the top 2v2-arena played class. Paired with warlocks. The synergy between a SL-Aff warlock and a 8-11-resto druid is too good to pass up.


  5. Seriously? But really what do I know, right?

    Hmmm interesting... but yeah, I don't know if I'm cut out for Arenas. It's one thing to get killed by a computer operated mob... another to be an actual person behind it. It might raise my blood pressure too much. But I should try it once or twice...

  6. I have to say, my favorite thing in the world of wow is getting to take on someone that can think as fast as I do.
    I love combat situations and the "computer operated mobs" you speak of just aren't good enough.
    (patting mysef on the back. lol) The one thing I fail to realize is a combat rogue just can't take a warrior/lock duo alone lol.