Monday, October 29, 2007

My secrets

Lately I've been divulging a lot of hobbies of mine with you all... Carolina basketball, fantasy football, geeky scavenger hunting... Well in addition to all of this, writing my own blog, and playing WOW of course, is reading other blogs.

Do you know about PostSecret? It is one of my favorite blogs and is updated every Sunday with all sorts of secrets that strangers send in. Some are funny, some are sad, some are a little disturbing. In the spirit of Post Secret, here are two from me.

Its funny how real life and WOW overlap. Driving around this weekend seeing all the trees turn made me think about K in tree form! Must get out more... lol

I know deaths aren't always the healer's fault. Maybe its from having grown up Catholic with all that Catholic guilt, but I still can't help feeling guilty and bad/sad. I sort of feel like I'm being a bad healer when people die. :(


  1. I am jealous of resto druids :( I wish mine was 70 instead of being stuck at 54 .


  2. Ugh... the dreaded 50s. You're heading to 58 Hsu, and then you know you'll fly to 70. Just hang in there!


    Figured you would have already come across this, but reading this was what made me start playing a druid and decide to spec her resto at end game .. :-)

    Yeah .. 4 more levels and I can't wait to start grinding faction rep ..


  4. It's not healthy K. When we die you feel guilty. When you die I fell guilty. Perhaps we should just agree to blame a rogue. ;)

  5. There we go always pickin' on the rogues


  7. Blaming the rogues is a very healthy way to maintain a tank/healer's confidence ;)

    Love the blog, definitely will be on my daily watch :)