Monday, October 15, 2007

Stranglethorn Fishing Extravaganza

You non-fishers are probably pretty sick of me talking about fishing. However, I tried for the third time to win the fishing extravaganza yesterday. No, third time was not the charm and I lost once again. When the winner was announced, I had 37 speckled tastyfish, a huge improvement from the last time (27) and the first time (21). I definitely think I can win now, since I did a couple of stupid things including starting 20 seconds late.

So here are my opinions/tips on this tournament:
1. Set heartstone to Booty bay
2. Start on west coast around 27, 69 where the bridge is. Two pools spawn behind the bridge, one in front.
3. Stay on coast up to 25, 58. You can cross the water if you want, but I believe the swimming takes too long, plus there are more fishers up there. So stay between these two points and just keep running back and forth (the pools respawn pretty quickly).
4. If possible try to find a pool no one else is fishing. You get more speckled tastyfish from a pool you are fishing alone. So when running, run the opposite way everyone else is going.
5. Make sure you cast clearly within the pool. When fishing normal pools, you can cast on the edge of the pool and still catch the pool fish. But I've found that its much less likely to get the speckled tastyfish on the edge of the pool than when its clearly within the pool. Just keep recasting until it is.


  1. Good lord you're dumb make friends Tauren friends to sit on Horde lures and kill any alliance. wow you've won.

  2. The tournament I've entered and yes, actually won was the Stranglethorn Fishing Extravaganza. I didn't know there was a Stranglethorn Gank-then Fish Extravaganza? I wouldn't want to enter that tournament anyways.

  3. Kederia, thanks for the tips/insight on the fishing tourney... I am planning on entering at some point in the near future as I love fishin'.