Friday, October 26, 2007

Funny search terms

So I've been messing around with my statcounter features. Yesterday I posted about where people are visiting from all over the world. Today I shall share with you search terms that got people to this blog. Some were to be expected, such as "fishing extravaganza gear", "druid healing rotation", "tree of life form gear". This is helpful because it gives me an idea of how to better organize my healing and gear posts.

But others were pretty hilarious and some were just plain odd. Here is the list with some comments from yours truly. No offense to anyone who used these search terms!

* "this tree form, is life, it save my life" - Huh? But yes, not only do we save lives, we ARE life.

* "a tree of life druid can’t be killed" - Oh, how I wish this were the case. Me no likey, but yes us trees can be killed. So sad, so sad.

* "is the druid tree of life any good" - What? Are you freakin crazy? We're not only good, we're awesome!

* "crazy resto druid" - Us? Crazy? Naaaah...

* "tree of life charm" - Why thank you madam or mister, us trees certainly gots lotsa charm.

* "how to get the druid tree of life form" - Well, in order to become one of us trees, you must go out into the wilderness (or a tree in your backyard will work) and become one with the trees. Put your forehead to its trunk and absorb all that tree spirit. Only then will you be able to play a tree in WOW. Or alternatively you could just spend 41 points in the resto talent tree.

* "dilbert wow" - Heh heh, I guess my What Dilbert can teach us about WOW post amused some.

* "swift flight form"; "wow druid flight form" - Its amusing people found me through this search term when my post was ranting about it.

* "healing meters prayer of mending" - Huh? Im sure you were confused to search for a priest spell and fall upon my blog!

* "what does a resto druid need for heroics" - I would think a lot of patience and a kick ass group. Oh yeah, I guess there's gear too.

* "resto for life" - You were probably searching for Phaelia's resto4life blog. But alternatively maybe you were coming up with a new Tree battle cry.

Just picture it... a clear beautiful day on a large field and there on the horizon is a whole line of us Trees. Faces painted, wearing tartan plaid kilts, shaking their branchy arms... exclaiming, "RESTO FOR LIFE!" Hell yeah. Bring on Illidan, baby.


  1. You continue to crack me up! Be sure to let us know how well you fear Illidan with your new battle cry. ;)

  2. Actually kestrel, my bark (get it? hahaha)is much worse than my bite. I'd probably run away like a little sapling with just one look from Illidan...