Wednesday, October 31, 2007

Barkskin... a little redundant?

Barkskin... you know, that which grants you skin as tough as bark and a reduction in damage taken by 20%. Anyone else ever think its a bit odd when casting this is tree form? I mean as a tree, wouldn't our skin already be... uh bark? Here's my suggestion... make casting barkskin in tree form an even bigger defense spell than in regular form. Maybe reducing damage by 25%? Call it double barkskin? lol. Or maybe in tree form we should get a little more armor. Hmmm.

I mentioned the other day that I fished up a second Mr. Pinchy. Well he granted me a second wish last night and it was a second Magical Crawdad pet! Kinda sucks that I can't give it to anyone and that I can only have one pet out at a time. It would have been cute to have twin crustacean friends running around with me. What good fishing luck I've had lately... is this a sign? Will I win the Stranglethorn Fishing Extravaganza this Sunday? (keeping fingers crossed).

1 comment:

  1. Meh. You have a better defensive spell. I call it "Tank." Description follows:

    Mana: All of it.
    Casting Time: Instant (usually).
    Discipline: Sometimes if response time is too slow, but be gentle.
    Target: Self.
    Range: Infinite.
    Duration: Varies, but usually about 11PM to 5AM server time if in an instance.
    Reagent: Fisherman's Feast or Spicy Crawdad. Elixirs are nice too.
    Cooldown: Yes if we wipe too many times.