Tuesday, July 29, 2008

The healing guilt meter

Today I'd like to introduce to you my version of the healing guilt meter, a meter of what could be going on in your healer's head when you die. Now I think most healers start out on the very left side and move towards the middle of the scale. As you become an experienced healer, you probably fluctuate somewhere between the middle and the right of the scale. Hopefully you're not on the very right that often, though I have to admit that I've been there once or twice.

Now exactly where the healer lands on this scale is dependent on several factors: the other members in the group, the healer's mood and perhaps whether they a good day or not, whether its a full moon or not? Heh. Well here's to hoping your healer is in the middle of the scale!


  1. So is there some sort of addon like Omen that I can use to track healer guilt?

  2. Yeah... sorry Jess no current addon can track where your healer lies on the guild meter on a particular night.

    And its hard because while I am usually at about a 3.5, I was definitely at a 1.5 in Heroic Durn the other night, while I have been a 4.0 recently as well.

    You just have to take your chances and hope your healer is not above a 4.0. Or maybe you can mitigate that risk by presenting healer with offerings just in case? Heh.

  3. My healers always feel guilty when I die.... no matter how much I tell them I had it coming to me.

    I remember I swore when I died during one boss fight, and the healer was sooo apologetic... it took me weeks to convince him I wasn't swearing at him... but at myself for being so stupid and dying.

  4. Heheh...I'm a healer, and I'm the one swearing when someone (usually me) dies. :(

    It's hardly ever the tank's fault though.

  5. No no no Kestrel, repeat after me: "its always the tank's fault, it's always the tank's fault". At least that's what I say with Jess...

    Just kidding my tanky friends... Or am I? :)