Saturday, July 12, 2008

Nightbane down

So in between packing for my move and making trips to IKEA (which brought back memories of lingonberries and herring from my trip to Stockholm last December), we decided to go for a progression week in Kara, which we haven't been able to do for a couple of weeks due to people's summer schedules. Prince was particularly fun this week as we have gotten really good at moving as a group to avoid bad infernal drops. We then went for Nightbane, which if I remember correctly, we'd previously tried only one full night.

I think what got us the first two tries were during the skellies/rain of bones/smoking blast. The softies and I were getting a whole lot of damage. He would target me and I just wasn't healing myself enough. Then I read that during smoking blast he targets those with the most threat, typically a healer. So the last try, as hard as it was, I had to try to just ignore other people's green bars, and kept overhealing myself and popped a yummy cookie that Buns made for us. I know I've been healing a long time now, and a dead healer does nobody any good, but its still hard for me to heal myself above others. Also during the last try, the softies moved a little further away from Wut and rain of bones.

Anyways, so we got him down on the third try, then I asked Ricochet to take his big bad axe and chop off Nightbane's left claw as a souvenir, because well... we are The Left Claw are we not?


  1. Congrats TLC!

    One dragon down one more to go correct?

  2. Congrats!

    One thing I learned after a few wipes that made Nightbane a lot easier is to get someone to focus on dispelling Smoking Blast.

    It adds a DoT that gives 3,000 fire damage over 18 seconds and if it's not dispelled it can very quickly end up on multiple people. When a priest or pally can use an instant to get rid of it, you shouldn't be healing through that.

    Congrats again! This was a tough nut for our guild to crack too (^_^)