Monday, August 4, 2008

What good is all that intellect?

It doesn't look as if I am using all of the intellect that I have to its full potential. Why? Well during the last couple of raids, I have had the problem of not realizing that I still had on Charm of Swift Flight until I go and try to activate my real trinkets and it says its not equipped. Ok, so that's bad, but I would figure it out pretty quickly.

But this past weekend it wasn't until after two wipes on Prince (we had also already done Illhoof and Shade) that I realized that I still had on Weather-Beaten Fishing Hat! Oh my goodness! Luckily the two wipes on Prince were mainly due to bad infernal drops, not inadequate healing or me running out of mana. When I took a real close second look at this fishing hat, I realized that it actually has more spirit than my real pve helm! Anyways, I need to stop raiding with silly fishing or flying fast gear on.

Speaking of fishing, I tried the fishing tournament yesterday for the first time in I don't even know how long! I wanted to see if I still had it. I went with my same old strategy, but lost badly, having only had like 29 of the fish when the winner was announced. The winner was super fast, as he won no more than 20 minutes after it started. Couple of observations.
1. There were a ton more people in "my area". I still tried to run away from where everyone else was going. I may try to go back next Sunday and try the other coast and see if that is as populated.
2. The track fish feature didn't work on the tastyfish when I won the tournament. It makes it interesting now that you can see the little gold dots appear on your minimap before you could actually see the pool.
3. I think they increased the amount of money you get for turning in 5 tastyfish. Its over 1 gold now for every turn in of 5 fish. As the pools will stay up for two hours every Sunday, it could be an easy way for a lower level character to make some gold. Just as long as you can deal with the level 40-ish mobs around.

Finally, our little guild has gotten a good number of new members in the last couple of weeks. We now have more than ten active level 70s and I am a little concerned for how planning our runs will go. We'll have to sit people out for one 10 man raid, but don't have enough for two 10 man raids. Hopefully we can figure out the right combination of respecting seniority, but welcoming the new members so that we can grow into having two 10 mans or even having close to enough people for a 25 man with some friends from other guilds.

But a big welcome to Dragosilver and Lilmiss (who've been with us for a while now, I have just been slow in my shoutout), Sindrin, Mumu, and Kaho! Now Dragosilver, Lilmiss, and Sindrin are hunters. I had to explain to Drago and Lilmiss last night that when we make hunter jokes, it is due to and directed at Nio and Ricochet... not at them. I mean when a hunter (ahem Ricochet who I like to call Mr. Suave because of Rico Suave... remember him?) mistakes his land mount for his flying mount and goes flying off Aldor Rise on a big elephant, what will happen? Well, one there will be a big big splat and two there is justification for all our hunter cracks. :)


  1. the amount of gold gained from turning in the fish is level-dependant.

  2. Oh really? But they did up the amount didn't they? I won it when I was level 70 and remember the gold turn in being just 40 silver or so.

  3. Me thinks one should get bonus +damage etc when fighting "water" mobs while wearing fishing gear.

    Especially mobs like Lurker...