Friday, August 15, 2008

When your WOW self and Blog self collide

For a long time my WOW self and my blog self were very separate. I blogged to note what we were doing, to be silly, or often would blog about something that I knew Jess would find amusing. I think Jess was my only real overlap between my WOW self and my blog self in that I definitely knew Jess was reading this blog.

Last couple of months though, the two selves have been colliding. I've had strangers whisper me in game, introducing themselves to me as readers of my blog. Oh and Ratters raided with us one night! On the other side, a lot more of my guildies beyond Jess are now reading this blog. It took me a bit to realize this, as I would mention in guild chat something that someone commented about on this blog. And they'd say, "Uh yeah K, we saw that on your blog."

So I guess this means I can't give my guildies a hard time on here, huh? Well, except for Nio, because he is well, Nio... and Jess, well because it is every healer's duty to give their tank a hard time.

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  1. I actually know of a half a dozen folks or so who are not in TLC who regularly read your blog....though some of them ask me why you don't post Twin's scores....:)