Monday, August 18, 2008

Random thoughts/questions

1. Our pets have grown?

Here's a picture of my Seb last fall.

Now here's a picture of Seb this past weekend.

What happened? He went from level 1 to level 70! As a level 70 he should actually do something when I'm getting my ass whooped in ZA. This leads us to...

2. Fire... bad. hot hot hot.

We got our butts torched by Jan'alai, the third boss in ZA. Sometimes we seemed to have the egg hatching thing under control, other times we didn't. And when we did have it under control, people died from the fire bomb things which were just all over the place.

3. New barbershops

There have been pics and posts about the new barbershops and hairstyles coming out in the expansion. Here's my question around the barbershops... will they be packed when guilds breakup?

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