Friday, August 22, 2008

Edited daily quest rotation

A while back I posted about the sequence of daily quests that I do. I have been meaning to do an up date on this post for a while.

As of some patch ago, the Multiphase Survey daily in Nagrand no longer gives you shattered sun supplies. So it has dropped from my list. In its place I have added the Blast the Gateway quest given out in Hellfire at the Throne of Kil'jaeden. The quest giver stands at 58,18. She'll give you a quest pet you must open. Then just run around and kill the Fel Sparks until your flare becomes unstable. You don't have to be the one to tag a fel spark for it to grow your flare. You can stand next to someone else who is killing one. These Fel Sparks also have a nice drop rate on motes of fire.

This Blast the Gateway quest is the first one I do. I don't know if its been the same for you, but I have found that this quest has the highest success rate of getting a badge of justice from all the quests that give you shattered sun supplies. So I do this one first, then if I get a badge from it, I forget the two other quests in Blades Edge and Netherstorm for that day, because I believe you can't get more than one badge of justice daily from the shattered sun supplies.

On a totally unrelated but humorous front, I was online yesterday with a bunch of guildies when I received a work email from a co-worker. This email was sent to a large group of people (including our boss) and it seriously, I kid you not, included the word "noob". Now noob is basically gaming specific is it not (vs general internet jargon)? After I recovered from laughing, I ask in guild chat what kind of person uses the word "noob" in a work email. To which Buns answered, "Uh, a noob?" Touche Buns, touche.


  1. I found out yesterdya you can get multiple Badges of Justice. I got 2 in a row from the Flares and the portal quest.

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  3. My personal record 3 badges in one day. Also, the quest "Discover your roots" goes well with the other ones in Hellfire since it's practically right in the middle between Kazakk and Shattrath :)

  4. Really? Wow... I'm just happy if I get one badge.

    What I don't like about the discover your roots one is that you have to go to the Isle to get it and to turn it back in. I'd probably do it more often if it was based in Shatt.

  5. I once had 1 badge in all four of those supply kits... and not a single one since back then.