Wednesday, August 20, 2008

How to grow into a nice strong tree

We have a new 70 in our guild and our second resto druid, Dest's alt Tygira. I am quite excited to have another tree in the family. I am currently calling her my bebeh sapling. She said she had a lot to learn from the master (yes, that would be me) so I wondered what kind of advice I could start her out with. Here are a couple of tips Tygira.

1. Trees need water, sunlight, and fertilizer. Go in tree form to Zangamarsh, take a nice swim, then spread a towel along the lake and lay out to soak up some sun while munching on some felweed.
2. Make sure to keep your branchy arms in tip top shape as you’ll be throwing them up above your head quite often. Three sets of 15 arm curls should do the job. For dumbbells find two gnome volunteers.
3. Trees also need maintenance and sometimes you may need pruning/shaping. Find someone with a nice sharp axe that you trust completely. Or at least someone with whom you can enact revenge (oops, I "accidently" forgot to heal you!) if they prune your leaves into a crazy leaf-fro.
4. Keep an eye out for pesky feral kitties and bears who could confuse your trunk for a scratching post. They’ll try to carve their initials or something like “Adamas wuz here”.

If Tygira follows these tips, I am sure that she will grow many many rings into a big strong tree.

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  1. 5. Being a tree can be tough sometimes. Asking for a hug isn't something to be ashamed of. Hugging Tree ftw!!