Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Mixing it up

We had a slow raid week last week, well actually I guess it wasn't as slow as it was paused. As it has been the case with many other guilds lately, we had too many peeps away to do a ZA run as planned. So instead we've been running daily heroics and to change things up, I decided to go boomkin moonkin funky crit thunder thighs owl beast chicken for a couple of days.

Let me just say first that if you have never seen a moonkin dance, your WOW life is just not complete. Here I am, I believe mid hip thrust. Watching the boomkin run is also quite amusing, as I have the flabbiest (but still cute) rear end. So when I wasn't being amused by myself, I marveled at how much faster it was to kill stuff. Finding really big mobs and sending insect swarm in on them is fun. And I've come to understand what a panzerkin really means. 40% increased armor in moonkin form? Wow! Oh and having a posse of three trees to send in to smack mobs around a bit is fun as well. Except when they are horrifically cut in half after 30 seconds. That really pains me. Is there really a need to make that graphic so... graphic?

Anyways I've run a heroic Slave Pens and Shadow Labs in moonkin, and its interesting doing something different. What is awesome is that I was able to do these runs on the same character, as the badges from these runs gave me enough for new healing pants Grovewalker's Leggings. It was also nice for the group to have a backup healer. However, a couple of times in heroic SL when I saw people get low in health, I couldn't help but just switch out to heal, even if Muriel (Jess' priest) had things under control. So yes, I am still a healer at heart and we will hopefully be going back to ZA this week with me back as a lovely tree.


  1. I love love LOVE playing my Moonkin. But one of the things I love most about it is that, although we tend to specialize in one role or another, we are still a hybrid class. A mage might out-DPS us, but can they heal in a pinch? I think not (Gift of the Naruu doesn't count). Can they throw an Innervate if the healer is low on mana? No, their greedy Evocation keeps all the mana for themselves. Battle rez? Yeah, that's what I thought.

    So... yeah, popping out to heal every now and then is just part of the package.

    Hope you're enjoying the feathers!

  2. A couple times? Heh. I was feeling really smug after we downed Murmur (first time on heroic mode for us), but then I noticed that Keredria accounted for about a third of the heals.

  3. Thanks Nasirah. What I also realized is that I feel different when playing a moonkin. Being a tree is so very zen for me... I'm calm, cool, collected. Somewhat at peace as I send green swirlies.

    Being a moonkin though, the thoughts going through my mind are "Take the insect swarm! Feel the pain of my starfire! Receive the painful rain of my hurricane!" The feeling is somewhat frenzied... somewhat evil? Is this how dpsers feel?