Monday, June 30, 2008

Week's update and how to haze a new healer

This past week’s Kara run was interesting. We still had two wipes on Shade before we got him down (one was an accidental face pull and the second an accidental move during flame wreath... both culprits shall remain anonymous). I have sort of come to enjoy that fight a bit with all that it involves, but others say that they get a bit emotionally caught up in the fight. They seriously have some personal issues with him. So there we were, a little annoyed at our Shade wipes and off we go to Prince. And what happened? Well we one-shot Prince. Heh. We wipe on Shade but one-shot Prince? lol

We then had a couple looks at Nightbane one night, which could have gone better. The next night we had our first look at Netherspite. What an interesting fight he is. I think our best shot got him down to 45% or so. I think with some more practice, we’ll get both Netherspite and Nightbane. At first, I wasn’t sure where to stand for Netherspite. But then starting with the second try, I decided to pretty much stand right in the middle under him. This way I was guaranteed that the entire raid would be within healing distance. It was definitely a new and different perspective from which to see a boss fight in Kara. I got to see what it looks like from Atania's point of view.

Now for Netherspite we only had two healers, which seemed a bit difficult. The second healer was Jess’ alt Muriel, pretty much a new 70 holy priest. As we’re going to Netherspite, Jess apologizes in advance for people’s deaths… which made the weight on my shoulders seem awfully heavy. The group was joking around and giving Jess a hard time… calling her a noob healer and all. After our first couple of wipes on Netherspite, Jess lets me know that she respected me before, but respects me 1000% more now that she sees what’s its like to be one of two healers in Kara.

We were actually talking last week about the fact that Muriel is a brand new healer and how we should put her through some hazing process. I mean come on, being a level 70 raid healer brings you into a very special brotherhood/sisterhood. Entry into this group shouldn’t be easy! Luckily for me, I never had to go through any sort of hazing in real life as I wasn’t in a sorority or part of a sports team in college. However, I had several good friends who were in fraternities, sororities, and sports teams. So I have some ideas.

Muriel would chug 25 mana potions in a row and down 20 raw golden darter and sporefish. And then she’d be stripped down to her skivvies so that a hundred bandages could be applied and superior mana oil poured all over her. Then we’d take her down to some scary basement and as she is sick to her stomach from all the potions and raw fish, kneeling in her underwear, a group of healers would yell at her continuously, “You are a noob healer! You suck! You don’t even deserve the title of a healer! You’re not woman enough for this job!”

Aw… I sorta feel bad for Muriel now… I don’t know if I could do this. Maybe her hazing will just include taking her to the local pub and getting her totally wasted and making her carry some of my crap around for a while. Us healers, maybe we’re too soft. Something tells me though that rogues and warriors haze their newbies! :)


  1. My Healing Hazing was being forced to heal a guild run of Scholomance as a newly turned 53 Resto Druid.

    With a wanna-be Mage Tank pulling Aggro left and right.

    I think some sort of "Trial by completely and utter nonsensical Fire" would be appropriate!

  2. I really appreciate your guild for going into Karazhan with only two healers before you did a full clear. I think we went with two healers quite early although it made some raids really difficult.

    I think baronas Hazing was somewhat a usual one, although most people have it that way with randoms. The first thing to do when you dinge 60 (or 70, if you didn't play much before BC) is to run instances like crazy with PUGs as much as you can. A simple "Noob Healer!" from a guild-mate won't bother you at all after a few runs with PUGs.

  3. I told K that I think that run qualified as my hazing. I had nightmares afterward.