Monday, June 16, 2008

Three bloggers in Kara

As Ratshag mentioned, he came to Kara with Jess and I and the crew this past weekend. With summer around now, I think we are going to have a lot more weeks where people are vacationing and unavailable (as if!). In addition to Ratshag, we had Rapunzel (a great healer who has run with us before) and two of Rapunzel's guildies run with us as well.

All in all, it was a good run. We decided to just start at Attumen and do as many bosses as we could do, as there were still some people who could use upgrades. As Ratshag mentioned, he did die immediately during Big Bad Wolf. Jess and I did feel sorta bad about that... like we weren't very good hosts. But then we remembered how Ratshag ran straight in to aggro Maiden on our first shot at her, and we felt a little less bad. Funny how a dwarf priest tank doesn't work out so well. Heh heh.

Everyone else was super easy... even Illhoof. We did get Shade down, but it is still annoying that it took two wipes before we got him. The last shot was a little chaotic though... we were down to only 5 members for the last couple of minutes and I was the only healer left. My tree limb arms were definitely tired from throwing them up for all the heals. I do like to think that we wipe purposefully from time to time on Shade so as to make him feel better about himself. He's a sad lonely man stuck in a library. I mean, that's the charitable thing to do, ain't it?

Well here's the three bloggers getting ready for Opera in our Sunday best. We must be swapping blog post ideas or something.


  1. Dang, I'd chosen to block that face-pull on Maiden outta me memory. I's a real n00b, sometimes.

  2. Heh. I saw you run straight in to her... and I am thinking to myself, hmmm Jess looks a lot um, stouter than usual. Wait, that ain't Jess... that's Ratshag!

    Then I hear Maiden yell 'Your behavior will not be tolerated', the rest of the raid is all bunched up together on that little platform eating buff food, and then since we were all bunched up her chain thing took us down.

    It was pretty funny though.

  3. facepulls are a time honored raiding tradition... or so i guess, judging by the number i see on my raid every week...

    we've facepulled everything from easy trash pulls to Vashj and Kael themselves...

    it also seems that bosses drop better loot if you face pull them... i think i'm on to something...


  4. Raiding Kara for over a year now (not every week though,I'm glad to say) I'm quite sure, that not equipment but your setup is what makes the difference. Going to Aran with a new setup will result in either a lucky kill or a few wipes. The same goes for the bosses after Aran as well. I'm a bit sad not to read anything about a first kill on the prince (and maybe a new mace ;) ) but I think the time will come, eh?

  5. I facepulled Netherspite on Saturday while explaining the fight to a couple of first-timers. We managed to kill him, but the first couple of seconds of "oh crap, get to your beam" scrambling was amusing.