Monday, June 23, 2008

Its about the journey, not the destination... Prince down

Our Kara run this past week was pretty successful. I think we really feel that we have Shade down now, and it was the first time we got Shade without any outside help from friends geared above us. So it was satisfying to feel like we really did it on our own. Shade, you are on farm now, k?

We then had to overcome our obstacle that is Prince. This was our third real week at him. Here we are all ready to go before our first attempt.

I learned from our friend Lonebear that that pillar is a good place for a tree to stand. Now there we are all ready to go and Jess asks Nio to misdirect Prince onto her. Two seconds later, I hear a cry and see Nio collapse in a dramatic death! For a second I wondered how Nio had died. Then I realized he had feigned death. Apparently his misdirect and feign death buttons are right next to each other and in trying to misdirect onto Jess, he had accidently feigned death. It was really really funny and we are all hysterically laughing when Nio actually misdirected. So there was our first attempt, which started quite comically, but ended quite sadly, a wipe.

Try two was a wipe as well, but then for try three we decided to try something a little different. Instead of having the healers and casters stand in the doorway, we had Jess tank Prince much further out along the wall and the ranged group stood in the location where an infernal can drop between the tank and the ranged group. This way we felt that if an infernal were to drop right there, we wouldn't be cut off from Jess and that we'd have more options as a group to try to move ahead, back, or to the left. And in fact we did have to move a bit as a group, and we successfully got Prince down on this third try!

I have to admit that it was strange when we finally got him down. Some of the group were very happy and excited and I think thought it odd that not all of us were hooting and hollering. But for me, it was almost anti-climatic. As a small casual guild, Kara was our dangling carrot for so long. And Prince was the Kara goal we were shooting for. Of course, we still have to do Nightbane (we had a few looks at him as well) and Netherspite, but it is strange to realize we are almost done with Kara. Jess may do a post about this soon, but where I was sort of feeling weird, Jess I think was feeling sad.

I do think this game is set up so that you have to enjoy the journey, not just the destination because the destination always changes. But I think Jess and I enjoyed the challenge of gearing up and getting a small casual guild into and through Kara. That was our journey and our goal. And in a way, I think the two of us relished the challenge of this journey just as much as the accomplishment of reaching the destination. As our journey into Kara nears an end, I do realize that there are plenty of other journeys to be had... as I am especially looking forward to ZA. Anyways, here's Jess and I after we got Prince down, thinking and discussing such deep thoughts.


  1. A minor correction: this was our 4th evening of working on Prince.

    Yeah I haven't fully processed my feelings yet. I told K once that I don't like endings of any form. I am a very status quo kind of person. There's a quote from one of my favorite childhood movies: "There are no happy endings because nothing ever ends." Perhaps, but the journey changes.

  2. Yes, fourth night... but I would say third real week. I'm not really counting that first night where it was super super late and we just wanted a peek at him.

    You and I are probably overthinking all of this. Maybe you should just tank and I should just heal.

  3. Silly healer. Trust thy tank and raid leader. It would be five if we included that evening. We'll argue about this online later. ;)

  4. Silly healer?

    Ooooh... next time we are in Kara, K will all of a sudden get "accidently" distracted by something shiny while you are tanking and Jess' health will have to "accidently" dip precariously low. Heh heh.

  5. Well, whether it was your third, fourth, fifth, or 67th time attempting him, gratz on finally downing Prince!

  6. Can understand mixed feelings and future uncertainties and all that, but I's damn excited fer you and Jess and all the other fine folks what made it happen, and I sez woot.

  7. In my defense...the buttons are the same color....mostly...